Guide to the Beautiful Cities of Ukraine

The country of Ukraine has long been noted for it beauty, in its cities, in its countryside and in its people (especially for its wonderful Ukrainian women :)). If you are considering a trip to the eastern part of Europe, a stop in some of the beautiful cities of this very old country is definitely worth a visit. Because of its history, people and traditions, cities like Kiev, Lvov and Kharkov standout as the most beautiful and interesting destinations in Ukraine.

Kiev is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the entire country, and known worldwide as the city of the Golden Domes that top the many cathedrals and churches. Not only are the sights and buildings worth touring, but there are several museums, events, world class shopping, and art galleries to take in. When you are through taking tours and walking through the city, it is worth seeking out the culinary delights that can be found in the established restaurants of Kiev.

The cities of Lviv and Kharkov are also among the essential places that you must visit when you are traveling to Ukraine. Both of these cities have a lot to offer now, as they have for hundreds of generations of people that have lived here, traveled through or been inspired by this part of the world. Kharkov is steeped in history, both joyous and sad and because of its location it is not only rich in culture, but also is able to take advantage of the beauty of the natural world that it is set in.

Lviv, on the other hand was developed because of its fortuitous location, and the city grew up around its original battlements. History and military buffs will want to see the royal arsenal, renaissance period buildings, and the historic Church of the Assumption built by a famous architect.

Whatever your interests, this country and its beautiful cities are sure to entertain and keep you busy for days. Once you have worked your way through the larger cities, it is worth the time to enjoy the charm in smaller villages and hamlets.




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