A Tale About The Perfect Lady and Her Enduring Language

The survival of the Ukrainian language is a shining testament to the endurance and adaptability of the Ukrainian women. The Ukrainian language along with the Ukrainian women and men have lived under centuries of violence and suppression. Throughout the Ukraine’s long and turbulent history, the language and the people have undergone serious changes, without completely losing their identity. Several surrounding countries have dominated this East Slavic country contributing to its diversity.

Ukraine cultureDuring the 13th century, Germanic influences sifted into the language and the culture. I have also inherited some Germanic characteristics; my stalwartness has kept me focused on my goals and the completion of my tasks, no matter how difficult. I can clearly see this inner strength within the Ukrainian culture. It is no wonder the language and the people have survived insurmountable odds.

Under Lithuanian rule, Old Slavic became the language of the ruling power. Under the Polish administration, there were dynamic attempts by Poland to colonize the people. Many Ukrainians learned Latin and the Polish language and adopted Catholicism. By the 16th century, Poland had a substantial influence in education. At this time, only the wealthy were educated; the Poles introduced Latin into the everyday speech of the wealthy. Polish and Latin ideals affected the Ukrainian culture.

Two distinct languages developed in the Ukraine; the Ukrainian provinces under Polish control spoke Polish, and the provinces under Russian influence spoke Russian. In the Russian part of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian culture and language were under constant suppression. Even in this inhospitable environment, the Ukrainian ladies not only survived, but they continued to thrive. The Morning Glory, which is indigenous to the Ukraine, exhibits stamina and resilience; these tenacious flowers beautifully reflect the inherent qualities of these single Ukrainian women.

It is my opinion, that the term “perfect lady” is an intensifier, indicating “very” or “extremely.” I further believe that perfect denotes proficiency, someone who is completely suited for a particular situation. In this case, the lady who speaks the Ukrainian language is perfectly suited to endure the harsh historical climate and flourish and develop into a unique lady with a unique language.

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