Ukrainian Traditional Cuisine

Ukrainian Cuisine Ukrainian cuisine bears the influence of the Russians, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian and Romanians. But Ukrainian dishes are always prepared in their own unique way. Ukrainian recipes have found their way into the cuisines of neighboring countries as well.

Bread is a food that has held an honored place in Ukrainian cuisine throughout its history. Ukraine was known as the “bread basket of Europe”. A sour rye bread is common bread you will find on Ukrainian tables . In the south, white bread is more eaten more often. Ukrainian women are famous for making all sorts of breads and pastries. Guests are served bread with salt – bread for hospitality and salt for friendship.

Perogies are filled dumplings with a Polish origin. They are stuffed with cheese and meat and boiled. These are very popular in Ukrainian cooking. All kinds of noodles are handmade and used in soups or served with cheese.

Potatoes are cooked quite often by Ukrainian women. They make potato pancakes topped with cheese or sour cream or boiled and baked potatoes. Borsch (soup) is usually served with dinner. Traditional recipes range from hearty to cold clear soups.

Cherry Vareniki

Cherry Vareniki - Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainians love meat and make delicious ham, sausage and smoked bacon. Chicken is prepared by many delicious recipes handed down from Ukrainian women to their daughters. The most recognizable dish from Ukrainian cuisine is Chicken Kiev. This rich dish is made by stuffing a chicken breast with butter.

Ukrainian meals follow a European pattern. Breakfast is not heavy, usually bread or pastry along with coffee or tea. A heartier Ukrainian breakfast is cooked cereal made of buckwheat or barley with milk stirred in. The largest meal is at mid-day. Most main meals start with a soup and include a meat dish. Dinnertime is a smaller lighter meal but is considered sacred family time.

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