Why Do Ukrainian and Russian Girls Like Western Men?

To Ukrainian and Russian girls, Western men are foreign and exotic. They have a level of freedom those from eastern countries envy and wish to enjoy. After searching for romance in traditional places such as their native land or among local communities and not finding love, many Ukrainian and Russian girls turn toward Western men to find love. With a variety of international dating sites available, finding love and romance with Western men has more possibilities than ever.

Many Western men have a more relaxed attitude toward life and love, which can be appealing to women who are used to a more rigid or formal attitude or upbringing. Western culture often has a strong appeal to women from other cultures as the more open and free lifestyle is refreshing. Western men are often known not only for being more open minded and assertive but also for their sense of humor. Many women, not just those from more eastern countries, find a good sense of humor a strongly desired trait in a man, and Western men excel at this.

Another trait that attracts Ukrainian and Russian women to Western men is their level of maturity. While many Western men have a high enjoyment of life and may be prone to the pursuit of fun, a strong drive to work hard and enjoy success makes them a desirable partner for any woman. Russian and Ukrainian women are well known for their devotion and exotic looks which make them equally attractive for Western men.

Searching for love or romance on an international level also helps to expand the options of men available to Ukrainian and Russian women instead of a fairly small dating pool that may be available locally. With more dating options available, many women from these countries feel they have a better opportunity to find love. It is not uncommon for relationships formed in this manner to lead to marriage or long term dating, making it ideal for those are are marriage minded.

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5 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    Is it true?
    Ukranian and Russian do really like American men.
    I am happy:)

  2. Lance says:

    Hello and good day to you! I have wrote you before and have used your advice on finding the rite Ukrainian women for me.

    I have been online dating now for close to a year with just two ladies. I like getting to know a lady one at a time and not bounce back and forth from one email to the next. So I have had two online relationships using an online dating site and both had been really great while using the site but once we started to communicate through personal emails the letters stopped. One excuse from the second lady I was getting to know is that she has to use internet café and is hard for her to go there, but yet she post photos on instagram everyday and has a smart phone, hhhmmmm :/ is this common for women to have to use internet café to send emails to the United States?……… Well I have not given up hope and still believe I will find my soul mate in Ukraine and my real question is this. I think instead of me trying to online date it would be best just to hope on an airplane and fly to kiev! I have been learning Russian language and I am not that great at speaking Russian yet. What do you think of my ideal of just visiting and meeting ladies on the street and striking up a conversation? will I have a really hard time communicating or are there lots of English speaking women to talk with in Ukraine. Also now is not the best time with the war between Russian and Ukraine, will I be ok?

    I wish you good day


  3. Rick Allen says:

    They like western men, in particular American. Why? We’re 12,000 miles away and will probably never travel there. These girls know we are at a safe distance away. They can comfortably lie and scam us. We waste money buying chat time, sending gifts, sending flowers (which she is receiving from multiple man), and in many cases men are sending cash with Western Union!
    I decided to relocate to Ukraine; Kiev, Cherkassy, Odessa, Dnipro, Nikolaev are my cities.
    When girls find out Im already in Ukraine and want to meet, they end correspondence….it’s funny and sad. Sad because these women/girls don’t realize the world views Ukraine women not as respected women, but scamming whores. As Ukraine falls deeper into dispair, your women become more desperate and it’s funny. I love walking up to girls I recognize from these websites. If they are with boyfriend, friends or parents, I like to show their profile photos and embarrass them in public. They deserve it! Scammers.

  1. April 13, 2011

    […] big differences! While we might all seem to be exotic, one of the most attractive traits about Ukrainian and Russian women is our devotion to our families. When we get married, our husbands and children become our top […]

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