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ukrainian womanI love to get mails from you, guys. You ask for Ukraine dating advice and tips and tell me how you are happy or not with Ukrainian girls. A few days ago I received a message from James. The mail was very romantic and sentimental, so I publish his mail as a post on my blog today. I wish James’ mail was dedicated to me. 🙂 But … James loves another beautiful woman from Ukraine!
Here is his nice mail:

Hello My Dear,

My future Ukrainian wife is 44 and was married for ten years. She has been divorced for 4 years. It seems and she tells me her husband from before was not attentive to her needs, is this common in Ukraine? She has no children from this marriage. She has two degrees from college and is very intelligent.

I do not wish to offend anyone by this question, maybe I should not post this, but, she, by American standards would be considered non-experienced. In the Western World, we have access to many outlets of information and it just seems that before I met her, other Ukraine women I spoke to seem to have the same demeanor and it seems lack of knowledge in this one area…. I love my woman and we have filed the paperwork for the K1 visa. She is adoreable, loving, caring, considerate, honest, lovely, loves people, children, animals, I am in Ukraine heaven I think.

She is what is the best in a woman, she cares, and she makes me happy to be a man. We have known each other for 5 months and have been talking on skype everyday since we met. I met her in Kiev for a week and it was magical time for the two of us. We are meeting in two weeks in Jamaica for 8 beautiful days of bliss. I am 55 and so very happy to meet my soul mate. She completes me….I tell everyone I meet about our love story, I even told the travel agent about her…she is a very special woman, God bless her…


If you have any questions, please just send me a mail! (s. here: Contact Krystyna)

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4 Responses

  1. Kenneth, on Ukrainian girls says:

    I was dating an Ukrainian girl for six months. She was very fun, but also considerate, smart and has principles. Unfortunately, she got a job on the other side of the country and we split. I am still thinking about her…

  2. Eric says:

    I hope we can become friends and more in time. I am adventurous and I lead a active life and would love to share my life with you.
    I want to know everything about you ,to turn every page of your book and study you, we can write our own book a novel of life love and true companionship,a life of happiness and joy being attentive and understanding to our thoughts and desires. I want a 50/50 relationship we share everything and work together to make a wonderful life.
    I am a sensual and sexual man and know how to make love and please you in every way.
    I see a very beautiful woman,your eyes and hair your lips.I want to know the beauty inside your heart and mind.

    My goal become friends first then meet this spring here in my city of Pittsburg PA USA

    So please share your deepest desires with me in each letter ,write as much as you can to me ,so i can learn more and more about you.

    I would like to be your best friend your attentive and passionate lover.
    I am to be the man in THE NOTEBOOK have you read or seen my favorite LOVE story???
    I shed tears every time I watch it, I will always stand beside you and love and care for you as long as we live.
    My words are true and i live by my words.

    I want to fall asleep each night holding you in my arms and wake beside you each morning to make you breakfast. I won’t leave you at home and go out with friends i want you beside me in all we do together as a couple i want a partner one who is adventurous as i am to share many adventures together.

    We will go camping together,all over my wild and beautiful state of Pennsylvania here there are forests everywhere and little towns to visit.We will ride my motorcycle into the countryside flying like the wind,I love to ride my motorcycles and exploring all the wonders we can find like waterfalls and overlooks life is too be lived!We will be boating and swimming on the three rivers i am always going places.

    The only thing missing is The ONE I can LOVE,that will LOVE me back with all her heart and share her life with me!!I am mature ,i know what Love truly is.
    I will never cheat,or lie to you or raise a hand against you,I will always treat you like I want to be treated I will always be there for you,to cherish every day together

    We can build a wonderful life it is so easy when we love each other and do all the little things that show how much we care this makes you happy then you want to make me happy,not so hard is it?
    I will help you achieve all your dreams and be your shoulder to lean on the roof to keep you dry my arms will be your blanket to keep you warm.
    Tender kiss and hug
    PS: am i doing something wrong ????

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