Why does a Ukrainian Woman Ask You For Money?

Dear Gentlemen,

On the weekend, I did some research and found an interesting forum post.
Here is the story of a Western man:

Ukrainian Forum

This story made ​​me sad. 🙁 The man had his hopes; and now he has only disappointment and doubt… I often get mails from my readers who have experienced the same thing. You meet a special woman online, communicate with her, ​​develop romantic feelings for her, go to Ukraine and date her. And after the first meeting, you get a request to give her some money…

Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful in the world, and any man who has made the right moves to have one grace them with their company is a lucky man indeed. The question has arisen before when people are looking for Ukrainian dating advice, “Why does a Ukrainian woman ask you for money?

When I read such stories, I am taken a back!!! A Ukrainian woman is a proud woman, with a lineage of hard work ethics behind her. She would never consider just arbitrarily asking for money to be paid to her without a good reason. Anyone who has spent anytime with a beautiful Ukrainian woman would know that her independence would clearly get in the way of a handout.

It is in my opinion that if this happens, she is just testing you. How quickly are you going to dole out money to her or any woman? There is a difference between her begging for money, and you being a mark for a girl looking to make a quick dollar. Be careful, but realize that if she is asking, it is a test of your vulnerability.

There is also the possibility that this is another kind of test. Many women come overseas and when they meet their man, they are immediately put to work. They are sent to work for cleaners, waitressing, or even dancing to make money for their husband. If she immediately asks for money, perhaps she is just making sure that you are stable enough financially to support her. She is going to be a constant companion, but your joint happiness should be important to both of you.

ukrainian beauty

Lastly, the saddest truth is that you may have been at the end of a scam. She is clearly not in this for the companionship, and you are beyond Ukrainian dating advice, and should be contacting the authorities. Make sure to be as honest with them as possible, to guarantee that you walk away from this with your head held high, and no blemishes on your legal record.

A fiery and powerful Ukrainian woman can be the jewel that sits upon your arm at night and a loving companion at home. If she asks you for money, take a moment before you answer her, make sure you have considered her reasons. In the end it will help both of your longterm happiness.

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2 Responses

  1. Nice text as many others but would like to disagree with you. Reason is that know personally womans from Ukraine and also correspondent with many of them. Those who ask for money, make some false reason for that. And they think that we are stupid and do not realize they lie to us. Simply, they lack respect for us. I told many of them that they need to learn about us foreigners, if they want us for husband or boyfriend (as well they will live in our country). There is only one faithful who open say that she would like to have support from me. I know her personally, know situation and was not my problem to cover her bills as well some things for her kid.

    Keep on good work and wish you many more nice articles.

  2. Ilya says:

    I disagree with you (respectfully) that Ukrainian women are proud and hard working. I’ve met plenty of Ukrainian women looking for a sponsor, I dated several of them who flat out told me that as a husband I will be working and their job is just to look pretty. My wife now is from Kiev, and had a successful business there. As much as I love her that lady bleeds me dry and I make around $100K a year. Now I knew what I was getting into, and everyone is different, but a lot of women do see foreigners as a piggy bank. When I would travel to Ukraine and go out I would hear women openly talk about ripping me off at clubs, they didn’t know I spoke Russian right off the bat. Again, everyone is different, but I can confidently say that Ukrainian women want a man to support them, they aren’t huge on working, and many of them, such as in my case, become blind with capitalist rage when they move. Деньги действительно глаза слепят, это 100 пудов.

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