The most beautiful sightseeing places in Kiev, Ukraine (Part 2)

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Khreshchatyk Square (yes, I know, this name is horriable to pronounce :))

Khreshchatyk Square is another must-see place in Kiev, and it is considered one of the main areas of city activity. I think that visiting the square on the weekend is worth the trek and the bustling crowds because the normally busy street is closed to vehicle traffic.



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This district is also one of the best places for shopping and dining with Ukrainian women. Khreshchatyk Square has also undergone several architectural make-overs largely due to wars and revolutions. This main street is a hub of parades and celebrations during holidays such as May Day, Kiev Day, and Victory Day.

Image: Khreshchatyk Square at night
Khreshchatyk Square
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Andrew’s Descent

Andrew’s Descent is another street with a good deal of history behind it. It is additionally a thriving arts district. This particular neighborhood of Kiev is named after the apostle who allegedly had a vision of the city before it was ever built.

Andrew Descent
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I believe Andrew’s Descent is the best place in Kiev to find original artwork done in the unique styles of this particular culture. Visitors can browse and haggle prices for ceramic sculptures, oil paintings, and handmade jewelry from street vendors.

This area is also a great place to watch various street musicians and other types of performers. I think that Andrew’s Descent is not to be missed for an evening walk because the cobblestones and streetlights create an ambiance that seems to be out of another era.

Ukraine women in Kiev

These popular areas and landmarks are just small samples of what this unique city has to offer. I believe that sightseeing in Kiev is a very memorable experience that is worth the (romantic) trip. It is an excellent choice for Westerner men who are seeking to broaden their cultural horizons and find a beautiful and nice woman from Ukraine.

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