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Dear friends,

Yes, International dating sites and matchmaking services can be very expensive. Many Western men seeking a woman from Ukraine or Russia would like to know whether it is really possible to meet a perfect woman for life through Russian social networks like or less expensive dating sites which are not specialized in International (rather Ukrainian/Russian-Western) dating, but only in Russian dating.

Today I’ll do my best to answer this question. Therefore, I decided to write about, one of the most popular dating sites in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, I wanted to find a few reviews of Western men who have used I am pretty sure that this article helps you to decide whether is a good dating site for you.

mambaLet’s go!

What is with 6,099,664 male and female profiles is one of the greatest and most established dating sites in the Russian speaking world. The users can find love, friends, dates and sexual partners on Registration, search and communication with other users are free.

I have to mention that most of the Mamba’s users seek people who are geographically close to themselves. It is a known fact that about 75% of Internet dating site members meet other people who live within 20 miles of their home (unless this is an International dating site. Here men and women look for partners abroad). And it is very common that Mamba’s users select people who are in their local area.

Who is this dating site good for?

I would recommend you if you can speak Russian a little bit (not every girl in Russia and Ukraine can speak English) and if you can travel to your target location in order to meet the girl in person.

“Why?”, you would like to ask me. The answer is because most of the Russian and Ukrainian women on are not interested in marrying a Western man; very few ladies have some interest in Western men at all (sometimes they want to chat with them in order to improve their English). If you live in Russia / Ukraine or the near abroad and look for a hot date for the weekend, Mamba is a great alternative for you.

The advantages of

As said above, Mamba is a free dating site. That means that you can write to as many women as you want. You can save a lot of money with Mamba.

Moreover, the girls are real (yes, there is almost no scam on the site) and the largest part of their photos aren’t photoshopped. Mamba is like a paradise for men: real women with real photos! 🙂

You get replies only from women who have interest in you. And that is a good sign – no more letters with fake frankness and friendliness.

The disadvantages of

Unlike International dating agencies and matchmaking services, Mamba’s ladies are not looking for a partner abroad. Most of them only want to have fun and hot dates with local men.

Language Barriers: If you do not speak Russian it will be a big problem for you because most of the women do not speak English well. They do not need this. They chat and flirt in Russian.

The „no reply“ rate is high. You must write hundreds (or maybe thousands) Russian and Ukrainian ladies on to find prospective candidates for relationship and marriage. This process requires a lot of time and patience if you want to be successful using this dating site.

Here are two reviews of Western men I found on

Mamba review***********************************************************************************************


In conclusion I would like to say that is a great free alternative to International dating sites that are pretty expensive and often powerless against Ukrainian and Russian dating scam. But I think that for most Western men the dating process on is going to be too much of a challenge.

That’s your decision! 🙂

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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13 Responses

  1. Stephen says:

    I am a danish man living in Denmark. I have tried for some time now. I have tried many to find the best and reliable datingsite for western men who want serious contact with an eastern woman. And really there are NO sites I can recommend. I think the best way is travel to their country and meet them live. For me I travel often to Kiev. I have met interesting women there and the result is instant instead of months of (paid) correspondance and always having doubt – real or not.

    The site is loaded with tousands of beautiful eastern women living in their country or abroad. The search facility lack some improvement if you are not a VIP member. Even if you are you can i.e. not filter women interested in your own age – you have to look profiles manually. There are also scam activity on the page i.e “A white woman from Ghana” 20 years younger than yourself makes first contact and are very “interested”. Belive me – I know Africa – she dosen’t exist.

    Else I can say if you are not living in a CIS country or are native the typical answer from women on this site is “Извините – я не заинтересован в иностранной человек” (Sorry – I am not interested in foreign man). English knowledge are not present for 98% of members – even they write English as langauge knowledge. I suppose it looks fancy to claim English capabilities – until confronted.

    So conclusion: Unless you are male resident of an east country your success rate on this site will be equal to zero!!
    I have deleted my profile.
    And NO – I am not influenced by my many turndowns – I am a normal looking guy with good education and salary. I have no problem getting in touch with women on location!!

  2. Stephen says: bad site for western men.

  3. Mattress Maniac says:

    Someone I am recently dating, from online, was last in a relationship with a Russian. I am very intimidated by this and feel it difficult to bring something as exotic as that to our relationship. How does one measure up to that?

  4. marios says:

    Except this site that you said above and is there anotjer free dating site that there you can find only women ages 18 to 20 and this site will be free?
    I will be waiting for your answer,

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Marious,

      I have not ever said that Anastasia Date is a free dating site. is a PAID dating site and in fact also expensive.

      If you wish to use free dating services, I can recommend you to use following sites:




  5. Alexandra says:

    I send email to a good looking 54year old Russian guy by the name Sergei… When he came it was older man ,with no teeth and actually I find him quteinteresting …I started to

    Ike him; smooth talker, pretty good psychologist and I had a feeling there ui something behind his over flattering compliment,but you know women , lonely ,missed being young and pretty we love to listen! We had few dates and I found out he is living with the other women ,has young mistress, and told me I was his half when we spoke at first or second time as. Sad; we want to believe… I end up lend him money and didn’t hear frimhinsince

  6. Alex says:

    Hello in mamba how l can do my real statu?

  7. cindy says:

    hello how are you doing

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