“10 Things to Think When Thinking About a Russian Wife” Review

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If you have ever considered marrying a Ukrainian and Russian woman, then it is likely that you have hundreds of questions racing through your head. Would a younger Ukrainian and Russian woman be interested in someone your age? How would a Ukrainian and Russian woman handle being a stepmother? Would a Ukrainian and Russian woman enjoy living in your home town? What are those “cultural differences” in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship and are they really dangerous?

Today I would like to present you a Russian/Ukrainian Dating Ebook “10 Things to Think When Thinking About a Russian Wife” by Olga Sapp. The e-book titled, “10 Things to Think When Thinking About a Russian Wife,” answers some of the most important questions to consider when looking for a Ukrainian and Russian wife.

About the author of “10 Things to Think When Thinking About a Russian Wife”

Olga Sapp, who is a Russian woman married to an American man, is the author of “10 Things to Think About When Thinking About a Russian Wife.

Olga Sapp

Olga Sapp

As the owner of a Russian magazine for women, Sapp received countless stories from Russian/Ukrainian-Western couples. Within these stories, Sapp noticed trends in successful and unsuccessful relationships. After studying the history behind common mistakes couples made, Sapp was able to write “10 Things to Think About When Thinking About a Russian Wife.”

What kind of dating information do you find in the ebook?

In this e-book, Sapp shares inside information from the perspective of a woman who has experienced a Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriage herself. The e-book is straightforward and provides invaluable information for those who are actively pursuing or even just considering a relationship with a Ukrainian and Russian woman.

“10 Things to Think When Thinking About a Russian Wife,” also provides answers to more provocative questions like, “What can happen if you date many women at one time?“, or “How can I avoid meeting a selfish Ukrainian and Russian woman?

Within the e-book are real examples that share personal experiences from couples in Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriages. Sapp makes it clear that not every relationship will work out; however, she provides facts and the background information that a man would need to know and think about before entering a Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationship.

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls

Image Source: © Sergii Figurnyi | Dreamstime.com

Within the pages of “10 Things to Think About When Thinking About a Russian Wife,” is information about the cultural differences between Ukrainian and Russian women and Western men. These cultural differences are important to understand, because they can help a man learn what types of reactions his actions will get, and the history or background for these reactions.

The e-book also helps men understand what they should expect from and the role they will play in a Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriage. The information also provides the information in a way that allows men to internally test themselves on whether or not they are ready for a Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationship.

“10 Things to Think About When Thinking About a Russian Wife” is not based on any statistics or scientific studies; however it is based on true stories from real people who have personally experienced Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationships. These personal experiences are what makes the book not only factual, but also fun to read. It is easy to relate to stories from real people.

Russian dating ebook

“10 Things to Think About When Thinking About a Russian Wife” provides enough information that by the end of the book, the reader will be able to make a decision on whether or not to continue to pursue a Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationship.

But be aware:

• This e-book does not give advice on how to meet the right Russian and Ukrainian girl and stay happy ever after.

• This e-book is not a long distance Russian and Ukrainian dating guide

Why should you read this ebook by Olga? The answer is simple: If a Western man is going to marry a Ukrainian and Russian woman it would help him if he knew the “history” behind Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriages.

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