Posting a photo without a shirt: pro & contra

Hello Krystyna,

I hope you are well. 🙂 I have a quick question on the kind of photos that should not be posted on a dating site. I understand of course photos that are sexual in nature are bad. I see women posting photos in bikini and her pose is not sexual in nature. She may be posing next to a tree or just standing in her bikini with a nice smile. Is this acceptable in your culture? Is this a good thing to do?

As for men, you advised in your blog to smile a little in the photo. I would like to know, is posting a photo without a shirt bad for a man who has a beautiful body?

Thanky you. Мarcus.

As for me, this question is really interesting 🙂 Everyone has their own opinion whether posting a photo without a shirt or in bikini on an International dating site is a good idea or not. I personally would not post any pictures in bikini. But there are a lot of women who post their pictures in bikini and underwear because they guess they have more chances to find a man. You know “sex sells“… I do not want to see the men without a shirt on a dating site, as well. In my opinion, this is not serious. We women are looking for a man who have serious intentions. There are enough online dating services with “sexual & flirt” target group.

Here are a few useful tips for irresistible photos:

When posting a photo without a shirt, it is important to use creative attractive poses.
Plain and simple photos with a completely concealed woman are less capturing. If you want to entice viewers with an irresistible photo, pose for the camera with passion. A photogenic character can be forged on photo for the best response. Both men and women appreciate a sexy body with a smile and exceptional pose.

Ukrainian woman
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But remember… Serious Ukrainian women for marriage prefer to appear closed up in a photo session revealing less of their bodies.. Often such girls feel that men take them for granted when they pose with their bodies exposed.

Ukrainian women feel that exposing a man’s topless image is unreal. They think that first, if women notice the beautiful body; you get so many emails that they have no chance. Second, they also think that you have no serious intentions with them since you are available to all.

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