Dream-Marriage.com: yes or no?

Hi Krystyna,

I hope all is well with you! I am sending this message to you because I have recently been enjoying a website called Dream Marriage featuring the lovely women of the Ukraine and am truely taking away by their lovliness!



Would you be kind enough to look at this website and tell me if this for real or a scam-as I would appreciate this greatly.

Thank you very much and best regards to you,

Aloha and Mahalo
James Willis


Krystyna answers:



Hi James,

I took a look at the website www.dream-marriage.com.

What does Dream-Marriage.com tell about themselves:

Russian Brides are not just a dream — they can be a happy reality for you. Dream Marriage is not a mail order brides site, but rather a dating site to meet beautiful Russian Women and sexy Ukrainian Brides to be. You can access thousands of profiles with a click on a mouse.

Single Russian Girls are seeking true love and serious relationship with Western men, while Western men are looking for soul mates, and we are happy to help those dreams turn into reality. Dream Marriage provides a safe virtual environment to interact with pretty Russian Brides and beautiful Ukrainian Women genuinely interested in finding romance, love and happiness with the man of their dreams.

Source: www.Dream-Marriage.com

I do not deny that on the site you can find a honest Russian or Ukrainian woman who wants to find a husband abroad (there are a number of positive testimonials about the services of Dream-Marriage.com. S. here: www.dream-marriage.com/russian-women-testimonials).

However speaking honestly, Dream-Marriage.com does not appear to be serious and does not give me any confidence. The Ukrainian and Russian girls who are “online right now and want to chat” seem to be too beautiful to be true. I would even say that they seem to be a fake. As for me, they look very sloppy (in Germany, such girls work as call or escort ladies). I always say that genuine women with serious intentions to find a match for life would not present themselves in too sexual and revealing clothes as well as too erotic poses.

I found a few online reviews on Dream-Marriage.com.
See here:

  1. http://www.romancescam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16322
  2. http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c1ae632eeb9d1d22a7f39b1291a748b6&topic=10924.msg156537#msg156537
  3. http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c1ae632eeb9d1d22a7f39b1291a748b6&topic=13915.msg199559#msg199559
  4. http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c1ae632eeb9d1d22a7f39b1291a748b6&topic=6663.msg94119#msg94119
  5. http://ruadventures.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c1ae632eeb9d1d22a7f39b1291a748b6&topic=6480.msg90539#msg90539

After having read these reviews, you can see there are tons of negative experiences with the Dream Marriage services. Think carefully before you decide to use this Russian/Ukrainian online dating site.

I wish you success in the search for true love in Ukraine. And remember please, although Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful, feminine and nice, they are not angels and not top-models. They are just (special) women 🙂



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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12 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Beautiful women in early 20 looking for men up to 50 something is kind of unbelievable

  2. Eric says:

    Whether beautiful or not, I guess women looking for a real family life but not money are less likely to consider men who are going to retire and rest at home.

  3. Jack says:

    Dear Krystyna this is the review I posted on

    Facebook,and ALL the sites I can imagine…

    It’s ALL true there’s Italian police working on it…
    read carefully and if u need u have my mail I can give u my phone even I am not scared

    Ok guys here writing from Italy,I was born in Paris,I am 30 yo beautiful,athletic,I have money I am quite rich…but I have to live in a place I hate women just for job…
    I am the owner of my company,I make investments,real estate,I think I am an unconventional person and worldwide based.

    Well I spent 2 years on Dream Marriage,I received in general 900 mails per month,90% of total SCAM,I kept like 30 per month of really wonderful looking girls with honest profiles.

    That was before spending 4000€ in chat videochat,buying 8 contacts for 150€ each,sending dozens of mails.
    I chose 8 woman to meet in Odessa,just to be sure one or two will be there when I’d come.

    I came to Odessa July 30th 2011…it was a TOTAL nightmare of FRAUD and SCAM!
    Not only ALL Ukrainian people (95%) tried to STEAL my money with each possible fraud

    All nice looking women DID THE SAME (not from DreamMarriage even)I was fighting ALL the time with women treating me like a douchebag or totally IGNORING me.

    Sad because there are lots of wonderful women (less than Czech republic even)but ALL ALL of them in clubs were there ONLY to make CASH.

    Dream Marriage?? Well between 8 women 2 showed themselves,just ASKING ME presents,sushy,MONEY,drinks…preparing all the plan just TO STEAL

    ALL INFOS were FALSE,photos HEAVILY photosopped,95% of the women won’t show up sayin mother died they had cancer,heart attack…bla bla bla
    I verified!

    7/8 numbers were FALSE or of agencies collecting money.

    Then I came back and wanted to verify if it was only Odessa agencies…NOT AT ALL!!!

    I bought other 3 contacts of women from Donetsk region,I chose one sent them many many mails,had ALL her photos,of that Julia from Donetsk…
    Guess what?

    I said her cam?? ehmmmm I dont have the agency doesnt have (FALSE)ok..
    I come next Saturday I pick u we go to the sea together,I pay ALL!
    Ehmmm…no till 6 months I dont have time to meet u…
    Not EVEN one day…in 6 months…
    OK I said,I call the Ukrainian embassy,I have your name,address,photos,I make an international complaint and lawsuit against YOU and that FUCKIN DreamMarriage FRAUD!

    What happened?

    In 4 hours profile DELETED all our mails deleted…mails I had paid.

    So it costed me in 2 years almost 8000€ in credits and the trip..and I spent one week ALONE in Odessa.

    Now I am going to police,embassy and calling my credit card company to have ALL my money back.

    The problem is I am fuckin rich,and ex police officer and military…so for ME now it’s a MISSION to STOP that SHIT.


    Here writing from Torino ITALY 10128

  4. xxx says:

    Sites like Dream Marriage or Anastasia is a SCAM. Girl gets money for each received a letter and chat.
    I know this because I was in the Ukraine, and I have evidence and statements from the girls who get the money!

    Never use of paid sites!

  5. Veronika says:

    dear, Jack!
    I am sorry, reeeeealy sorry about your story! realy! all such bloody things spoiling the name of a good and nice Ukrainian girls!
    and that is pitty and shame..

    I am Veronika, I am Ukrainian and I from Donetsk.
    I find that forum, because, I wish to participate mariage site and I was choosing which one could be good. so, I was checking about Dream Mariage.

  6. Veronika says:

    and, I telling ,that there is a true chance to find good faithfull nice girl on such sites ( me, I goig there 😉
    ok, without jokes I know such girls and couples.
    but, on the same time..even my photos and profile probably was used by agency for, I do not know even what. they didn’t show me no one letter (ok, it was only one at the begining, thats all) from the man. all correspondence was under theirs control. They even didn’t gave me possibility to check and change my profile, not reading-responding a letters!
    I ask them to delet my profile and they sad, that they did it. but, how can I be shure?
    so, such story.

  7. Veronika says:

    but that time, I do everything by my one and I beleive, that God will give the opportunity to meet my only the best man! my husband!
    All the best!

  8. Veronika says:

    and, I stiil thinking about you Jack.
    there are planty exelent girls in Ukraine, why you was that unlucky?
    you know, mainly, the reason of our problems is inside of us. sorry about saying that!

    you always speaks about money, and your richy so on. don’t you concentreted on money too much? a?
    you mind stuck on it, so, you meating people stucking on it.
    I wish you good luck!

  9. Markus Wegmann says:

    So i met different girls on dream marriage, but it never was going beside the site.
    my most disappoint expirience i will tell you now.
    so i was cahtting/mailing with a girl for 6 month, even sie tell me, she use her mobile phone to get on the site, so she can chat with me, because the internet was failing. so after we exchange some contact information i start to write her emails, she never read one, i write her SMS to tell her, she should read they email, she doesn’t, i try to call, she didn’t pick up, so i coplain over the customer service, then i get an email, with one sentence and the customer center say, she send you email (yes one sentence, but i got every day a least one letter over the site). so i start to ask, why she only want to use the site. so internet is bad in ukraine and she don’t have a computer etc. but she told me, she use her mobile phone to chat with me and i should proud that she is takeing so much effort, but to write an email, it looks to be to much.
    any site which you have to pay per letter i wouldn’t recomend. i use 3 sites, yes i am a stupid boy (or just to much hope) and on any, the girls always use the site and you only will get excuse (and like i wrote before) where are ridicoulus.

  10. jason says:

    It is difficult to find a real site. I have tried to find a wife from a different country for the last 4 years. Originally I started in asia, and had no luck. money spent getting contact information only to have email/phone telling me the address or phone number is not in use/service. then same with anastasia date, dream marriage, amo latina.
    My proof about these sites being scams is simple. many times I have found women from supposedly different areas of the country sending me the exact same picture!! One woman was a petite brunette, 5 feet one inch, and the other was 5 feet 9 with blonde hair. I got the same ‘bikini’ picture from them. when i sent an email to both asking them how this happened, they said the agency must have made the mistake. customer support got an email as well, and with a day, both profiles were removed, with no reply from customer service.

    I have spent more than enough money, and after 16 times getting contact information, only one woman responded with her email. we chatted for a few months off of the site, but we were unable to have our schedules work out to visit. but definitely the majority of this is for profit, and am sure most of the companies are under the same umbrella. why else would some women come up in chat and get away with saying try anastasiadate.com, or Romancecompass.com, etc. in my country of canada i am tired of women in my province looking for the biggest paycheck. so i guess i will have to stay single.

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