Should Western men always pay for Ukrainian & Russian ladies?

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many Western men looking for Russian and Ukrainian ladies for marriage are wondering if they should always pay for these women. Many readers ask me often why Ukrainian and Russian women accept the invitation as a tribute and do not offer to pay e.g. for meals at restaurants in return. I can understand well that this aspect of the Ukrainian and Russian culture might look odd and spammy in the Western world. 🙂 The explanation for this behavior of women from Ukraine and Russia is very simple, namely: it is a special feature of our mentality which is, as you know, quite conservative.

I have to say that the Russian and Ukrainian culture is extremely patriarchal. Russian and Ukrainian women have been raised to expect a male to pay for all dates and expenses related to the relationship. For example; if you are meeting a Russian and Ukrainian woman on the internet it is likely you’ll be expected to pay for any traveling expenses she may incur during the relationship. Men are seen, in the Russian and Ukrainian culture, as the strong, breadwinner. A man who refuses to, or isn’t capable of paying for dates is seen as being unattractive and less masculine than man who happily pay for the expenses.

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From my experience, I can say you that standard first dates in Russia and Ukraine are much more formal than the first date commonly found in the United States, Australia or another Western country (also in Germany where I live). The dating culture, as a whole, is focused on serious relationships and finding a husband rather than simply dating. First dates, thus, are much more serious than simply “hanging out”, which is common in the Western dating scene. Dress well and plan a special evening complete with a meal. Bringing flowers and other tokens of affection is also a good idea.

For many Russian and Ukrainian women dating is a serious prospect. Be mindful of that fact when you approach a Russian / Ukrainian woman. Sure, you won’t be forced down an aisle or anything, but the entire energy of dating in the Russian and Ukrainian culture is future-minded. Remember that when dealing with your date and speaking about the future.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to try dating a Russian and Ukrainian woman, good for you. They are beautiful, kind and loyal women who have been making men happy for thousands of years. 🙂 As long as you remember the basic rules, and keep opposing cultural views in mind you will do just fine.



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    […] The second advice is that you should be ready to pay for the dinner. Ukrainian and Russian ladies do accept the invitation as an acknowledgment and do not offer to pay e.g. for meals at restaurants in return. It is a special feature of our mentality which is rather traditional. If you are looking for a Ukrainian wife, you should know that (you find more information on this issue in my article “Should Western men always pay for Ukrainian & Russian ladies?”). […]

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