Writing a Ukrainian woman: paid translation services are really necessary?

Hello, Krystyna!

I have been writing a young lovely Ukrainian woman for several weeks with the result of her telling me she could no longer write as the translation and internet fees were taking her savings. She works as a nurse practionser doing oral surgery, a good job.

Her translation service wants $40 per week to continue, which I think is extreme. So she feels she is stuck and even has been willing to share the expense.

What do you thiink about these possibilities being straight and not a scam?



Krystyna answers:



Hello Ron,

many of my readers have experienced the same situation like yours. A nice lady from Ukraine, a nice communication, and then you get the message from the translation agency that you need to pay for futher communication with her. I posted an example of Ukrainian dating scam in my article “A great example of a Ukrainian dating scam: romantic Miss Margarita is looking for love & passion…“.

I am not sure if your situation is exactly the same but you should read this post. As for me, if the translation agency from Ukraine sends you a request to pay for translation services, it is SCAM. A genuine Ukrainian woman who is really interested in communication with a Western man can use translation services for free like Google Translator or Translate.ru.

I did an online research on this issue and found the following information:

An Unscrupulous or Fake Marriage / Translation Agency:

Sometimes a herd of interpreters is working for an unscrupulous marriage agency owner wanting to boost his profits. But they are not translating. They are actually fabricating the letters. They impersonate the ladies rather than work for them. The real ladies may not be even aware that someone is corresponding on their behalf.

The creative interpreters may be even as bold as to invite the man to visit n the lady’s behalf. Often, at the time of his arrival for the meeting hopeful Romeo will be informed that his lady had an unexpected family emergency and cannot attend the meeting. He will be offered a list of other, not quite as model-quality looking girls who are available to meet at the moment.

Source: http://www.russian-dating-scams.com/scams/classification.htm

Ukrainian Translation scam

What it is about: a Ukrainian girl initiates correspondence with you, sends you few letters (usually from 3 to 6) and then you receive a letter from a “translation agency” saying that the girl was paying them for translations, but her account is closed now, as she cannot afford paying anymore. If you wish to continue correspondence, now YOU pay. And give you details how to send them money via Western Union.

This is always 100% scam. NEVER EVER pay for it. The “agency” and the “girl” are the same scammer.

This scam is usually pulled by Ukrainian scammers from Lugansk. We almost never see Russians pull translation scams.

Source: http://www.romancescam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=31519

My advice to you is do not send money to the Ukrainian bride (for translation services, visa fees, passport, etc.) before you meet her in person.

Learn more how to protect yourself from Ukrainian dating scam here:

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    I just visited your site and I really appreciated you exposing the various kinds of fraud. I have spent a lot of money for translation service which I now believe I was steered to such as keyforlove.com. Their service is very high in my opinion. Is there a site that you can recommend that is a legitimate site? Thanks

  1. April 8, 2014

    […] spoil the reputation in the translation industry. You can read my articles on this topic “Writing a Ukrainian woman: paid translation services are really necessary?” and “Lost in Translation: 5 Stories by Marriage Agency […]

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