What are the differences between Ukrainian & Russian women?

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On first glance you may think that there are few differences between women from Russia and those from the Ukraine but you would be wrong. Although both countries are Slavic nations and have some similar heritage, there are a lot of differences between these two groups of women.

Some say that Ukrainian women are more sensual and make better homemakers and the Russian women are more straightforward and powerful. The Russian language is more direct than English so often that leads to this perception.

Video by Krystyna: What are Russian & Ukrainian women like?

There certainly is no shortage of opinions on the subject but in this article we will put all of the differences out there to be analysed. We will discover the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women. Enjoy!

#1. Differences in Language

Although both countries are Slavic they do not speak the same language. There of course are some similarities between the Russian language and Ukrainian but they are considered totally separate languages.

Many of the vocabulary words are the same in both countries and the grammatical structure is the same for both of these languages. However the syntax is very different in Ukrainian than in Russian. This is seen in the way that grammar is used in Ukrainian that would make no sense in Russian and vice versa. There is a nationalistic price in speaking Ukrainian as well.

Due to the fact the country was ruled for many years by the Russians all of the citizens understand and speak Russian well, whereas not many Russians could understand Ukrainian.

The use of Ukrainian is points of pride for its citizens and of course its women as well. In sound the Russian language is much harsher sounding than Ukrainian that has a much lighter and softer alphabet. It has a lot of similarities to polish in that way.

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#2. Cultural Differences

When it comes to culture there are some significant differences between Russian and Ukrainian women. In my opinion, Ukrainian women are much more open-minded and look to the west without a lot of suspicion.

Due to their history in the Cold War, Russians are naturally more suspect of the people in the west. When it comes to politics or philosophy the Russians are much more conservative and the Ukrainians are more liberal. Some would say that the Ukrainians have a culture that functions on individuality.

They are less likely to help a neighbour in need. Whereas Russians are much more community minded. If someone is in trouble then they are going to rally to their aid. This is the same for the women as well. Ukrainian women are much more liable to mind their own business, whereas the Russian gals are a little more territorial and aggressive.

#3. Some Other Perceived Differences

There are some other perceived differences as well. The Russian ladies are viewed as a lot more outspoken but less independent and more reliant on their family unit for support, security and understanding.

ukraine woman dating

Ukrainian woman

The Ukrainian women are far more liberal minded, have their own opinions and are much more capable of operating with a lot more independence. The Russian women have built a reputation as being compulsive in their behaviour, which can be quite attractive because you are never really sure what is going to happen. The Ukrainian women are much more consistent and provide a more stable response.

#4. Material Girls

The perception is that a Russian woman will be much more romantic and love will matter more than money. Ukrainian women have the reputation of being a little more realistic when it comes to material possessions.

A lady from the Ukraine is going to care how much they have, the type of house they are living in. However they provide a great ability to make a home a happy place.

They will be able to cook, keep a home and keep a family happy. The material things seem not to matter so much to a Russian woman because they are more interested in finding love.

#5. Relationship Differences

It is commonly known in Eastern Europe that Ukrainian women are far more demanding in their relationships. They are much more independent in their thinking so they are looking to establish equality in their marriage that they think they deserve.

The conservative Russian woman is prone to be more compliant due to the culture and heritage of the country itself. They were brought up to be more obedient and humble in their relationships with men.

russian woman

Russian woman

Of course, knowing the person and getting to know their personality will make the real difference regardless of where the women come from. Ukrainians have had more personal freedom than Russians and that shows in the relationship tendencies.

#6. In physical appearance

When it comes to natural beauty, there is a lot to be said for both Russian and Ukrainian women. Ukrainian women are thought of as raven-haired lovely girls with striking hazel eyes that will capture your soul.

While the Russian woman is thought of as classic blonde hair, blue eyed beauties that melt your heart. They are much like ice cream, all of them are delicious it just depends on what your preference is chocolate or vanilla.



Each of these countries though provides beautiful women of all hair and eye colours and it is the individual that makes the difference.

Video “Difference between Ukrainian and Russian girls” by Olga Reznikova

Watch this video by Olga Reznikovaand you will have a better understanding of the way that Russians and Ukrainians view their own women.

There were two main schools of thought expressed on the video. First is that a person is generally loyal to their country and sees their women as superior to the other. The other clear school of thought was that there is no difference to many between women from Russia or from the Ukraine.

Beautiful people are beautiful no matter where they are from. It is a unique look into the Slavic culture and really allows a person to get to know more about the culture of the Ukraine and Russia. Most regard the ladies of both countries as their sisters.

The video also provides a great chance to see the natural beauty of the ladies of the Slavic region of the world. They are all beautiful and interesting.

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