10 Smart Tips To Keep Your Slavic Wife Happy

Dear friends,

the journey of Ukrainian online and offline dating is finally over! You met the woman of your dreams, you’ve fallen in love, and you’re going to marry her!

The question is…

How do you keep your Slavic wife happy, and how do you overcome intercultural differences in your marriage?

These 10 basic tips can help you build a successful marriage and show your wife you love her every day!

#1: Help Your Wife from Ukraine or Russia

If your wife performs routine household chores, offer to help her with them. Better yet, give her a day to relax while you take care of them all! Small, easy gestures like washing the dishes, vacuuming or sweeping the house, or cooking dinner so that she doesn’t have to can really make a difference.

Other times, she may not need help relieving physical burdens, but may just want an ear to listen to her or a hand to hold hers to help handle some of her emotional or spiritual stresses and burdens.

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#2: Understand Your Foreign Wife

The Western and Russian / Ukrainian cultures are different in many ways, so it is important to take the time to learn and understand her culture. While she may experience an initial cultural shock after relocating to a Western area, your efforts to accommodate and include her culture will make her feel comfortable and respected.

Take the time to learn ways to tell her you love her in Russian, show a genuine interest in her traditions, and find ways to make your home feel like her home, too.

#3: Respect Your Wife from Ukraine / Russia

Most girls, no matter their culture, grew up with the dream of being a princess. You, as her husband, have opportunities every day to be her Prince Charming! Open doors for her, pull out the chair for her at the dinner table, and perform other simple yet chivalrous tasks to show her how much you love and cherish her. Be a gentleman!

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#4: Surprise Your Ukrainian Wife

Words are sweet, but actions are sweeter! Show her how much she means to you by surprising her with thoughtful gifts and romantic gestures, like picking up a bouquet of flowers on your way home from work or taking her to her favorite restaurant for a special date.

Inexpensive but considerate gestures can often mean as much as lavish gifts, but a woman feels truly special when she is spoiled by her man. Surprises are meant to be unexpected, so keep the flame of romance alive by being spontaneous and creative!

#5: Defend Your Wife

Women are considered to be the weaker sex and can often feel more vulnerable than men. If someone poses as a verbal or threat to her, don’t hesitate to defend her, even if it means putting yourself at risk.

Keep in mind that not every man who looks at her or speaks to her is a threat, so be aware of the situation and don’t jump to conclusions. Unnecessary interruptions or aggressions can embarrass or even scare her. Her comfort and respect is the most important thing to consider.

In the event that she is at risk of emotional or physical harm, step in and protect her. Your courage and consideration will show your love for her, and she’ll love you even more in return.

#6: Tell Your Wife You Love Her

Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the money for grand gestures and romantic dates, but there is always a moment to say those three special words!

Buy her a card or a small gift for special events such as Valentines Day or anniversaries, but more importantly, declare your love for her by remembering to tell her every single day, as many times as you can.

#7: Appreciate Your Slavic Wife

As time goes on and your relationship grows, it is easy to let the flame burn out. The pressures of work, family, and cultural expectations can often demand a lot of your attention.

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This can lead to the love in the relationship being neglected and you only maintaining the obligations of the marriage. While she is still your wife, you may unintentionally begin to treat her like your housekeeper, possession, or mother instead of the love of your life and the queen of your castle.

Take the time to remind yourself of how much she truly means to you, and then take the time to show her. Take her back to your first dates and to the first times you both fell in love with each other.

Cherish how much that love has grown since then. Find times in your busy schedules to just hold her hand, kiss her sweetly, and make her feel truly special.
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#8: Apologize to Your Foreign Wife

It is inevitable that you will argue with your wife. It is human nature to want to be right, but it is very possible that you can be wrong. Always find a way to resolve an argument no matter who is at fault.

If you are wrong, be sure to admit it and apologize to her! Not only will this show her that her feelings can be more important than your pride, but this can also encourage her to do the same when she is wrong.

#9: Take Responsibility For Your Wife

While your wife will most likely handle most of the household chores you should be responsible for a few occasional tasks such as mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, fixing appliances, and other minor repairs.

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Doing these tasks with a willing attitude and a keen attention to detail not only relieves the burden of these chores off of her but shows her that you care about the home the two of you share.

If you show her that you respect your house and are willing to put in the effort to keep it clean and well maintained, she will appreciate that and feel that her efforts are understood and appreciated, as well.

#10: Ask For Your Slavic Wife’s Opinion

Life often presents difficult decisions, unexpected challenges, and many twists and turns. As the head of the household, it is your responsibility to make the choices that are best for you, your Ukrainian wife, and your household. Discuss these decisions with your wife!

Not only do these decisions affect her, but she may have a perspective or an answer that you haven’t considered, and the two of you should work as a team to make the right choice. She’s intelligent, insightful, and aware. Her advice is valuable and she always has your best interest in mind.

Ultimately, marriage is a partnership

If you feel that your efforts are greater than hers or that you are doing more than your fair share, be open with her about how you feel! Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and is the gateway to understanding and resolution.

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A Ukrainian-Western marriage will require work from both of you, but if you work together, the loads will be even and your efforts will always feel valued and appreciated.

These tips can be helpful whether you’ve been married for 30 years or are still looking for that special person. If you keep these in mind at any stage in your relationship, you can prevent unnecessary strife and create a happy, healthy connection by implementing these practices as early as possible. It can be easy to forget responsibilities like these when you feel comfortable in the permanency of the relationship.

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