10 Ukrainian Dating Success Tips by Keith Gordon

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My resources are limited, my dating experience and ideas are not endless so I rely on a little help from outside. I am happy when matchmakers and dating experts are providing their insights and ideas to the Ukrainian Dating Blog what makes my site more valuable to the readers. I am very grateful for that! 🙂

Today I present you a guest post kindly written by Keith Gordon, a Ukrainain dating expert. This article is a full version of his advice published in the article “How to Succeed in the Ukrainian Dating World: Expert Tips“. Please find all the expert tips HERE.

In his guest article “10 Ukrainian Dating Success Tips by Keith Gordon“, Keith shares his useful and beneficial tips how to succeed in the Ukrainian dating world in full length. Enjoy! 🙂

You may be surprised to learn that there is a proven path to achieving success in the Ukraine Dating world. In our experience, if you follow these steps you are more likely to find your Ukraine bride.

Tip#1: Start with the end in mind

Before you join a Ukraine Dating site and start looking for that special Ukrainian lady, write down the key characteristics that you seek in her to achieve compatibility, love and happiness. These will include her age, her education, her occupation, whether she has children, her ability to speak English and her appearance. Once you have these characteristics in mind, stick with them – otherwise you begin searching for someone that you don’t seek. This sounds crazy but is typical and is often why the search ends in failure.

Tip#2: Be realistic

Too many men believe that Ukrainian women are desperate to leave Ukraine and that they can choose any lady on the site – any age and the most beautiful. This is totally incorrect and modern Ukraine ladies have a life with which they are quite happy, including family, friends, work and an ever-increasing freedom to travel and explore.

It is true that Ukraine women are more liberal about age differences between men and women but only slightly. The chances of a 60-year-old man marrying a 28-year-old lady is close to zero. We find that 10-year age gap is acceptable for a lady under 30, a 15-year age gap for a lady under 35 and a 20-year age gap for ladies older than 35, but this is not common.

Tip#3: Understand her wants

Modern Ukrainian ladies join international dating sites to choose a foreign husband – that is correct, she chooses who she wants, if anyone. Yes, the man may be the only one paying the site fees to communicate but that does not mean he calls all the shots. Read her profile and see what she is seeking before you contact her. Love and a successful relationship is a two-way emotion and you both have choice.

Tip#4: Understand her culture

You have seen many photos of beautiful Ukraine women and that may have been the impetus for you to seek a Ukrainian wife. Do some research and understand her culture and traditions. Ukrainian ladies make wonderful wives and mothers because of their strong family traditions, pride, loyalty and strength of character.

Ukrainian culture

They provide a bond that creates a strong family better than any other nationality. That is the main reason why men seek Ukraine women for marriage.

Tip#5: Find the best Dating site

There are many Ukraine Dating sites to choose from and you need to select wisely or you will waste your time and money.

If you are attracted to sites whose name includes Hot, Sexy or Models or whose photos are all provocative, then you are being lured and you have ignored our first two pieces of advice – start with the end in mind and be realistic.

Check the site for the following:

Unfortunately, researching the feedback of dating sites through forums can be misleading. Many disreputable sites do their promotion by discrediting the other sites through forums and hiding behind nom de plumes. If a site has the features listed above, then they are likely genuine.

Tip#6: Support & Assistance

Finding love internationally with a lady who’s culture is different and where your language may be her second language can be challenging – but is also exciting and rewarding.

You should expect a modern dating site to offer you assistance and not leave you to struggle through these differences. Their aim should be for you to find love in the shortest (most efficient) time. That is the true measure of success for both the site and its members.

Tip#7: Your profile

This is so important but is often neglected when registering on a site. If you are serious about finding that special Ukraine lady and you are going to pay money in your search, then why wouldn’t you create the most professional profile to attract the best women?

If you don’t load a professional photo of yourself, how do you expect to find the best lady? Will you contact any ladies that don’t have any profile photos? Why do you assume that ladies are any different when it comes to your profile? The best ladies will search for the men who have presented themselves professionally.

Write about yourself and the type of lady that you are looking for. If you appear a mystery, then only the curious ladies will contact you. 

Tip#8: Her profile

Many men complain that all the ladies profile photos on the site are professional and look fake. Ukraine women will post professional photos because they like to look their best all the time and they have tremendous competition from all the other ladies on the site.

Ukrainian woman

There is a huge difference between professional photos and seductive photos. A site that promotes seductive photos is not likely to be serious or genuine. You may find it attractive but you are also likely to find it expensive and ingenuine.

Read her profile and don’t just look at the photos. Find out about the lady and see if you meet her criteria. She also has choice.

Tip#9: Communication

When you register and your profile is loaded, you are likely to receive many messages and requests for chats and this can be deterring. Many of the ladies who contact you have obviously not read your profile well and don’t meet many of your criteria.

There are likely many women on the site and each will be vying for your attention – there is lots of competition. You will not communicate with every lady who contacts you so each will try and be first to attract your attention.

A reputable site will have filters that allows you to control who can contact you and how often and will also allow you to turn off notifications and emails.

If you have a great and professional profile, then there will be some compatible Ukraine ladies who have read your profile and who do match your criteria. Don’t dismiss all the introduction messages or chat requests without reviewing them first.

Select 3 or 4 ladies who you think are perfect for you and start communication
You must have some video chats with ladies who you find attractive and whom you are considering placing on your shortlist. Video chat can show much more about a person than messaging and text chat and allow you to really get to know each other. Emotions, personal characteristics and expressions are so essential to each of us and is the next best thing to meeting in person.

Tip#10: Meeting her

Traveling to meet your Ukrainian lady for the first time is a very exciting experience – but we have seen many relationships flounder within seconds due to little or no preparation before the meeting.

First impressions are almost impossible to reverse and it is vital that your first meeting (and your second meeting) is a success. There are many simple things that you must do to make the first meeting a momentous occasion for you both:

We have seen so many relationships fail at the last stage (when everything was perfect leading up to the meeting) that we prepared a short, animated video to help and guide

When you watch the video it all seems so obvious. It is obvious but vitally important and often overlooked.


Searching for your Ukraine bride can be exciting and rewarding but you need to be prepared and do your homework. This will save you time and money. Don’t be afraid to use the support and services offered by the dating site as they are very experienced and can encourage and educate to guide you to success.

Finding love and happiness in the Ukraine Dating world is not guaranteed as it involves emotions, mutual interests, attraction and love – just the same as anywhere else in the world, including your own city.

Best wishes in your search! 🙂

Keith Gordon

Guest post by Keith Gordon, a Founder/Owner www.ukrainebridesagency.com. Established in 2008, Ukraine Brides Agency has developed a reputation based on trust and service. Nominated for 2 Awards at both the 2016 and 2017 iDate Internet Dating Awards in Miami, USA, Ukraine Brides Agency won the supreme award for the Best Product Design at the 2016 ceremony.

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