20 Sweet & Romantic Goodnight Messages to a Girl to Get Her to Sleep with a Smile

Dear friends,

Whether it’s your actual girlfriend or just a crush that you’re wooing, sending sweet and romantic goodnight messages is always an appreciated move. 

If you’d like to know how you can get a girlfriend or keep one, you need to understand the magic of the little details. And sending her a goodnight message at bedtime is among the sweet little details that can significantly help in blossoming your romance.

If you’re intending to send her nighttime tidings, you must understand how to message a girl and what to message a girl. After all, she can feel special if you’re sending the right messages at the appropriate time.

Keep reading to get our advice and some examples of sweet and romantic goodnight messages you can send to your girl and have her sleeping with a big smile on her face.

20 Romantic Goodnight Messages to a Girl - Our Selection

The list below includes the best goodnight messages. These are the messages that are bound to send her into dreamland with a big smile on her face.

They’re genuine, kind, and heartfelt, and they’re not over the top as well.

messages to make her smile when sleeping

More so, these messages don’t necessarily require a response. She might not be interested in a lengthy conversation when she’s preparing to sleep. These are the messages that you can send to make her night great and memorable!

These are 20 of the best goodnight messages for her:

1. My dreams are never complete without you appearing in them.

It is obvious that people cannot control their dreams, but you can put in some effort. You can let your special girl know how much you mean to her by telling her that she can make a special guest appearance.

2. At the end of my day, all I would like to see is your beautiful smile, and that will make my day. Hope your day was lovely! Good night.

If you love your girl’s smile and it lights up your life, you can use this goodnight message to let her know that you absolutely love it.

3. Every time I return home exhausted from my work, I close my eyes and try to imagine our good times. Your pretty eyes clear away all the tiredness. Good night.

When you send this text message to your woman, it offers an amazing compliment to her and it also shows that you care about her.

4. Do you want to know what my idea of a perfect date is? It's not having dinner at some fancy restaurant or something. It is just me and you cuddling all night and watching a thrilling movie together. This is the main thing that I would like to do every day. Good night.

This message is a great indication that sometimes things in life aren’t complicated. Simple things are the best.

5. Even after being with you for the whole day, I just can't get enough of you. I miss you. Good night.

Usually, you should send this text after going out or spending time with her and have gone separate ways at the end of the date. It shows that you like hanging out with her.

6. After returning home from work, my daily routine is to brush my teeth, jump into the shower, and start thinking about you before I sleep. It is just perfect! Have a lovely night.

It is interesting to know that ladies think of a person as special when they have made it to their nighttime rituals!

7. To me, you mean the whole world and I cannot wait to see you next time. Good night.

This is a simple yet sweet text message. This message acts as a reminder of how valuable she is to you. Women like to be told that they’re special to someone.

8. I always miss our long conversations until the morning. My night is boring without you. Good night and sweet dreams.

This message is used to let your girl realize how much those special conversations you have when you meet mean to you.

9. My long hectic day is now over. I would like you to know that I have been thinking about you all day long and will be imagining you in my arms now. I love you, sweet dreams.

When you send your special someone this message, it is a sweet message that shows her she is always on your mind even after having a long and hectic day.

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10. I know it must be difficult for you to sleep without me. Let this be the biggest nuisance you experience in your life.

This message is playful and most importantly, it portrays confidence. You can use it to cheer up your girl and help her sleep with a smile.

11. Let me wish a lovely night to you. I hope that we will be sleeping next to each other so that I can tell you those words in person.

Text messages are indeed sweet, but there is nothing better than a genuine person-to-person connection.

12. Each day before I sleep, I imagine the ways I can make you smile the following day. Your pretty smile makes all my days perfect. Good night.

This is also a message you should send after you’ve spent the day with your girl. This uplifting, happy message helps to end the night positively.

13. I send you this text filled with tenderness and love to wish you a sweet night. Sleep well, darling.

This message is appropriate if you miss her on one of those lonely nights when your girl is not around. It shows that you care deeply about her.

14. Each day you give me even more reasons why I should be in love with you.

This is a super romantic text message to send to your girl. More so, if you can name some of these reasons, it would be even more effective in making her smile before she sleeps.

15. Hold your mobile phone closely because this text message is like a hug in disguise. Have a lovely night!

This simple message is a cute one and it will make your special woman feel special. If you want to make her smile when sleeping, send her this text message.

16. Hey sweetie, I know that it's late, but I cannot stop thinking about you. I hope that you're having a lovely night filled with dreams of me. Good night.

This text message is a great way of showing that you care about her even deep into the night. However, when sending this message, ensure that it is not late or you could interfere with her sleep.

17. My bed is very comfortable tonight. I wish you were here and I could hold you. That would make it even more comfortable. Good night.

A cosy text message is bound to make her feel happy and bubbling from the inside. Send this message to her and she will sleep smiling.

18. Sleep well tonight since it will be another day filled with love for us again tomorrow. Good night!

The objective of this text message is to wish your girl a good night and to encourage her to be anxious about the adventures of the next day.

messages to make her smile

19. As I sleep, the last thing on my mind will be you and the first thing right when I wake up will still be you. Good night.

This text message portrays your affection for the lady, and it shows her that she is always on your mind and heart. It communicates a deeper level of affection.

20. I could not be able to sleep before I wish you a goodnight darling. Sweet dreams!

Are you about to sleep but you’re aware that your special lady could still be awake? Use this message to let her know how much she means to you and it will leave her smiling when she is sleeping.

Wrapping it Up

Nighttime is the best time to exude romance. When your heart and the moon are full, knowing exactly what to message and how to message your special lady can lead to a true experience of romance.

Whether you’re at the start of your romantic relationship or it is already blossoming, a simple text message can play a key role in strengthening your bond.

Use these text messages to show that you deeply care and think about her!

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