Cultural Differences

You’ve found her! You’ve found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. 🙂 There’s just one little problem: she’s from the Ukraine and you’re not sure how to deal with the cultural differences.

If you’re dating a Ukrainian woman, the first thing you may notice is that she never shakes hands. This is because women in Ukraine simply don’t. Ukrainian women won’t smile at you in the street, either – it’s seen as rude. If you ever visit your girlfriend in her hometown, don’t be alarmed by the seemingly chill reception. They aren’t being impolite or unfriendly – in fact, they’re trying to spare your feelings by not making you uncomfortable with their direct attention.

Gender roles in Ukraine are somewhat old-fashioned. There are women in the workforce, but they’re not promoted or paid as much as men, and the bulk of housework falls on Ukrainian women as a social duty. Don’t blame your girlfriend if she would rather keep house than hunt for a job; it’s the way she was raised. And don’t turn down her home cooked meals. A Ukrainian woman loves food and loves to eat, and considers it her duty to stuff her friends and house guests at every opportunity.

You’ll also want to consider your wedding. Most Ukrainians are Christians, so a church wedding won’t go against your girlfriend’s beliefs. But what if she wants to wear a traditional dress? Think about how far you’re willing to go.

Cultural differences can be a major barrier in any relationship, but you should always remember that every relationship has its differences – even if you weren’t dating someone from a different country, you might still disagree on things like religion, politics, or even just your taste in music and movies. Relationships are about compromise, and with strength and love, you can overcome any cultural barriers and enjoy life as a happy, satisfied couple. 🙂

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