Six Quick Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile

It is a paradox. You want to find fun and fascination in a relationship? Then you need to approach filling out your online dating profile with a proper amount of hard work.

These may not be your typical rules on how to fill out an online dating profile, but if all the regular stuff had worked, you would not be reading this now, would you? 🙂

#1. Be Honest.
Okay, so maybe this is typical advice, but it is just too important to ignore. There is nothing to be gained by lying. You will not only be wasting your money, you will be taking advantage of some poor woman’s trust.

#2 Tell Stories.
That’s tell stories, not tall tales. Women love stories, so fit your personality into story form. You sat through those English classes, now it is time to put them to use. Instead of saying, “I like practical jokes and motorcycles,” tell the true story about how you pulled off a practical joke while biking one day.

#3 Add Your Expectations
Yes, that means including that you are looking for a friend, a wife, or casual sex, but it’s more than a list. This is your opportunity to help yourself filter out the loonies, or attract them if that is your thing. In any case, you need to present the “character” of what you are looking for if you actually hope to find it.

#4 Use Humor Like Salt
It ought to be sprinkled lightly, not poured on.

#5 Cool Photoshots*
Surprisingly, showing your face doesn’t matter much. Men get more responses when photographed with an animal or when doing something interesting. Photos with no eye contact and no smiles scored well. Photos showing drinking or partying with friends lowered the response rate.

#6 Sleep On It.
Come back and edit the next day.

# Special rule if you are looking for a wife. 🙂
Give a one-sentence statement about your family life growing up. Validate your views on marriage, but don’t drone on in your online dating profile. Save the details for later.

* Dating research from OKCupid

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