5 Incredible Myths About Ukrainian Women

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There are a lot of positive stereotypes of Ukraine women for marriage – they’re unusually beautiful, they’re sweet, they’re smart and they’re kind – but there are also some outrageous negative stereotypes which may prevent eligible men from seeking a truly qualified match through an online dating service. Here are a few outrageous myths women of Ukraine…

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Myth 1: Ukrainian women Are Uneducated

Many people assume that because these women are actively looking for husbands in another country they have no opportunities in their own, but the truth is that most Ukrainian brides ARE educated and even have careers – they simply see more opportunities for themselves and their children in the West.

Myth 2: Ukrainian women for marriage are Golddiggers

Time and time again foreign brides are depicted on television and in the movies as devious beauties scheming to fleece some well-meaning man of his hard-earned fortune. The truth is that Ukrainian and Russian brides are looking for the same thing as any other woman: a loving husband, a secure home and a family.

Myth 3: Ukrainian brides Lie about Their Age

This laughable myth no doubt comes from the insecurity and anxiety many people experience when they’re starting to have feelings for someone they can’t readily see. Hundreds of satisfied husbands will tell you, though, that their Ukrainian wives are even more beautiful and sweet in person.

Myth 4: Ukrainian brides Are Simply Looking for a Green Card

This myth implies that brides from Ukraine and Russia are so desparate to get into Europe and America that they would marry a man simply to become a citizen. It goes without saying that it’s not THAT hard to get into America, and that these beautiful and enterprising women could easily move there on their own. Their true motivation, as always, is love and family.

Myth 5: Ukraine Brides Are Spies

Ok, we’re kidding :), but the previous four assumptions about foreign brides are just as ridiculous. Rather than believe the myths, why not talk to a few potential brides and see for yourself?

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