Olga Kurylenko is a HOT Ukrainian Woman!

I have been following Olga Kurylenko’s modeling and acting career since she graced the covers of Vogue and Elle, both before the age of eighteen. With her signature chocolate-brown hair and unabashed sexuality, she clearly is at the top of the list of hot Ukrainian women as far as I am concerned.

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Beautiful Ukrainian women such as Olga are an inspiration to others. A polyglot, Olga speaks Ukrainian, English, and French. She has also stated she can understand Italian and speak Spanish. Her philanthropic efforts in her homeland for underprivileged children has also won the hearts and respect of many. Olga came from poverty herself, sharing a small apartment with six adults and multiple other children in then-Soviet Ukraine. Discovered by a modeling scout in Moscow while on vacation at 13, she has used her success to bring awareness to the plights of children in the post-Soviet Ukraine.

In 2007, Olga starred in the movie Hitman with Timothy Olyphant where she filmed a full nude scene. The next year, she was featured on the cover of the December issue of the US Maxim, followed in February 2009 by a cover-shot on the Ukraine Maxim. Other hot Ukrainian women take note- body confidence is sexy!

hot Ukrainian woman

hot Ukrainian woman

It was perhaps her role as a Bond girl in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace that brought her fully to the forefront. With media attention swarming around her, she took time to speak out about her paralyzing fear of heights and how she used her own will of fortitude to muster courage. She ran along cliffs and jumped from a plane even though she was terrified.

Right now, Olga Kurylenko’ acting works are coming out one after another. Empires of the Deep and Land of Oblivion are both in pre-production, and RAD is in post-production. She is currently filming an untitled Terrance Mack project. Perhaps it will showcase other beautiful Ukrainian women? Only time will tell.

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    Helpful blog,
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  2. amir says:

    thank you very much for the post. Olga is a so beautiful woman. I love her! and all Ukrainian women:)

  3. Rod says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm I am 59. I look at it this way. Don’t buy a race horse if you want it to pull a plow. Know what I mean? Your just to good to be true. Oh and write me. Thank you

  4. 2lolo says:

    I’ll would marry her and Make Sweet Loving each and everyday and Night.!!!!!

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