Let’s Be Smart…Do Not Upset a single Ukrainian Woman

Why do I not like the term “Ukraine mail order brides?”

Well, let me just start off by saying that there is not a single Ukrainian woman out there that should be referred to in the same manner as an ipod shipped across seas from China to the Unites States of America; people should never be implied as being objects. Although Western men tend to use the term freely when searching for a bride, Ukrainian women are not in agreement of using the term.

Ukraine mail order bride

I am a Ukrainian woman, not Ukraine mail order bride

In my opinion, the term “Ukraine mail order brides” makes a woman feel like an object. I guess certain fetishes would be the argument for this, but let’s just make that idea the exception in referring to these beautiful women. I know that most Ukrainian and Russian women probably aren’t too fond of being referred to the same way a piece of merchandise of a store is referred to.

I’m assuming that women, in general, don’t like being commercialized in the same manner as that of an advertisement on television. Women of the Ukraine are merely looking for love; it is a culture that centers itself greatly on marriage. I would assume it would be fairly impossible for every single woman to find a husband in the Ukraine due to the man to woman ratio; there are 8 men for every 10 women. Ukrainian women really have no other choice but to look outside their country for marriage, so they look online. I think of an online match making situation sort of like a meeting at a social place…a woman still has the option to decline if she doesn’t like what she sees. There is no way that a woman deserves to be referred to in a way she doesn’t agree with, simply because the country she lives in doesn’t have what she’s looking for.

All in all, let’s not forget the simple, yet true, theory that a happy wife equals a happy life; it would behoove any man in search of marriage not to upset a woman by using a term she’s not happy with.

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    Bertrand Russell~ Man needs for his happiness not only the enjoyment of this or that but hope and enterprise and change.

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