Myths & Facts About Ukraine Online Dating

ukraine date

ukraine dating

Ukraine online dating becomes more and more popular all the time. Western men are looking for Ukrainian women and vice versa. The reasons for this are not always immediately clear. Here are some facts and myths about the world of Ukraine online dating.

The biggest myth about Ukrainian women is that they are only interested in dating Western men for their money. Many think that these women are nothing but gold diggers, just trying to land a rich, Western husband. Another myth that many of these same people believe is that the women of Ukraine only want to marry a Western man so they can obtain residence in a more pleasant country.

While there are isolated cases that occur to support this myth, in general it is a falsehood. The fact is the women of the Ukraine are not looking for rich men or a ticket to the Western world. What they are looking for is a good man. The men of Ukraine are unfortunately notorious for their poor treatment of their women. The men love to drink, gamble and stay out to all hours of the night. When they are at home, they often treat their women little better than indentured servants. Domestic violence is commonplace. Therefore, the women in Ukraine are delighted when they meet a Western man who believes in the equality of women and abhors domestic violence.

Another myth is that Western men want single Ukrainian women so they can have a woman they can subjugate. Again, there are a few isolated incidents where this is the case, but overall it is a bald-faced lie. Western men are not looking for women that will be their servants, what they are looking for are women with reasonable expectations.

Many Western women have become very high maintenance. They don’t just want to be treated equally. They want to be treated like goddesses. They want to be treated like princesses by their men, but then they get upset when they feel like their men are not treating them equally. These Western women set a double standard that Western men find it impossible to live up to. This leads the men to look for the more even tempered women of Ukraine.

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