How Does My Sister from Ukraine See Western Men?

I have been discussing the future with my lovely sister who lives in the Ukraine, and she related to me her views on why, as a typical Ukraine woman, she is interested in dating men from other countries. She had a two-year job in Europe and met many Western men while she was there, getting to know several. She also tried some online dating; she loved this, as she could meet so many people from such a wide variety of backgrounds and countries. Ukrainian women have a reputation for great beauty and vivacious personalities and she quickly found that men from around the world enjoy dating Ukrainian women, both in person and online!

dating ukraine women

Krystyna & Alena, my sister 🙂

Last year, she had to return to the Ukraine to care for our elderly grandfather who has since passed away. My dear sister is again considering going to Europe. I asked her why not just stay at home in the Ukraine, and she told me that her options there are so limited. That’s why she is so hopeful of finding someone interested in dating Ukrainian women, and perhaps choosing her!

She met a great couple through her work in Europe and spent many weekends enjoying their company. I was surprised at her astute observations of how differently the husband treated his wife than how the typical husband behaves in the Ukraine. As a Ukraine woman, she noticed that he seemed simply devoted to his wife, helping her with the house, the children, and even cooking. She ventured a question to his wife whether this was typical behavior or was she just extraordinarily lucky in her pick of a partner. It seems that all their friends have similar lives, not quite like a fairy tale, but yet satisfying and solid in their relationships.

My sister believes that Western men are more family oriented, with better traditional values. Beyond that, they seem to be so world-savvy, so clever, yet graciously polite and respectful. After seeing how Western men behave in person, she is even more excited about dating and eventually finding someone to happily settle down with.

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