Ukraine food traditions

Don’t ever try to get between a Ukrainian and his or her food. Ukraine food is a key piece of day to day life. If you frolic to this culturally rich country, you can expect to eat at home most of the time: Restaurants are usually used for only the most special of occasions. The food in Ukraine is simple – this culture is not a huge fan of exotic spices or rare meats – and filling. The following are just some of the Ukraine food traditions that people should know about.

Though earlier breakfast and lunch meals are lean, the dinner meal is usually rich. If I sit down to eat a Ukrainian dinner, I know that I will need some time to recover! Here, the dinner will include a soup and a meat dish, or a fish based meal with salad on the side. Though soup is a traditional piece of meals, it is rarely called soup. Instead, it is referred to as borshch.

ukrainian food, Novograd Volinski, Ukraine
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Tradition is a huge piece of this culture. Many are hundreds of years old and are linked to important holidays. For example, Christmas Eve supper should contained 12 meatles dishes, included a soup or borshch, pierogi, or varenyky, as the Ukraine people call it, fish, cabbage rolls, mushrooms, and a dish called kutya that contains grains, honey, poppyseeds, and raisins. The kutya is served on Christmas Day.

Easter is another important time when it comes to Ukraine food traditions. On Easter Sunday, good that is blessed during Resurrection church services is then consumed. A sweet bread named paska is consumed as well as colored egg, a horseradish dish, and garlic, among other things. The Transfiguration holiday is one that pairs fruits and honey with alcoholic beverages.

A visit to the Ukraine is sure to offer you some rich food experience. After all, the Ukraine people know and respect food. I know that when I head here, the food will be simple and filling, something that makes my mouth water just thinking about it! 🙂

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