Yalta Ukraine – The City of Love and Beauty

I lived in Yalta 8 years. For me, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But my German and American friends had never considered visiting Yalta in the Ukraine. They didn’t even know where Yalta was located. Anyway, a little over one year ago, I told a friend of mine that he has to visit Yalta (he was a unhappy single and needed a little bit romance). He told me that the only thing he associated with Yalta were Ukrainian brides. I laughed, patted him on the shoulder, and recommended we take a trip to Yalta. He was down on his luck at the time as far as romance and I told him it would change his life forever – for the better. So, he took a chance. My friend was very nervous at first, but looking back on it, he is very happy he went.

Yalta was nothing like he expected. This is a land of mountains, palm trees, a restaurant-lined shore, and palaces. Americans don’t portray this area of the world in such a way. They think of snow and hard-nosed people. But Yalta is not like that at all. The scenery is beautiful and the people are even nicer, which is saying a lot.

While in Yalta Crimea, my single friend visited the Massandra Winery, the Vorontsov Palace, the open-air market, the Palace of Bukhara Emir, the zoo, the aquarium, and Nikitsky Botanical Garden. All of these attractions were awe-inspiring. Everything is so much different than in the states. I guess the biggest difference is that Yalta is not nearly as commercialized. There is a true sense of appreciation for natural history. And nobody wants to ruin it.

Yalta (Ukraine)

Sea promenade in Yalta (Ukraine)

Another area he visited in Yalta was the Sea Promenade. This is where he began to learn a lot more about Ukrainian brides. He didn’t know that the gorgeous, long-legged brunette Elena he met there would end up being my wife, but he did know there was something special about her. She was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. The more love and respect you show a Ukrainian woman, the more she will return that love and respect. And she will do anything for you. If you’re looking for love and you’re asking me, Ukrainian brides are the way to go.

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Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org

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    Nice to find your blog. I was corresponding with a native of Jalta, but think she’s probably a scammer. I look forward to reading your articles and learning more. Take care, and have a lovely day! Palmmer

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