Don’t Go Across an Ocean to Mess This One Up…Work It Out!

Congratulations – you were smart enough to get the hell out of America to find a decent woman. Double congratulations – you were horny enough to go to one of the best countries for women in the world, Ukraine. And you got one. Now don’t mess it up! Here are the top 3 ways to keep yourself in your wonderful intercultural relationship and out of those seedy American bars with those fat, golddigging, spoiled, bratty…well, let’s just get to it.

Ukrainian woman

Avoid conflicts with a Ukrainian woman

3 tips to avoid conflicts in the intercultural relationship with a Ukrainian woman

1. Be a man. Ukrainian culture is not like American culture. Women are not raised to be prudes, view masculine behavior as chauvinistic, and assume everyone who actually likes sex is a weirdo or a creep. Ukrainian women are raised to flirt, to be feminine, and to enjoy the company of a real man. Part of the reason you are messing up is probably because you are not taking charge and leading her like she is accustomed. Stop being such a pansy pants getting caught up in small issues. If there is love, there is love. Let her know.

2. Change her mood, not her mind. Women everywhere, no matter their culture, look to men not to solve their problems, but to uplift them out of their over analyzing heads into your carefree, fun, masculine world. Let’s be honest: Ukrainian women also look to American men to uplift them financially as well. America has such a culture of opulence and abundance, that you can probably get away with a great gift to placate an argument. Just make sure it is thoughtful. No stupid flowers and candy – that’s played out.

3. Age, location, culture. You’re the man; you’re the leader. If you view these things as a problem, so will she. Make a game out of learning each other’s different cultures. Teach her. Let her teach you. Take the attitude that life is a game and you will literally lift your mind out of any small argument you were in. She will follow your lead. Good luck! 🙂

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  1. scott says:

    You are so right. We celebrated our 2nd year aniv. the 4rth. We dated two years before that and she is 2 years younger than me. They need and want love and attension, pour it out and they will give it ten fold. (she does anyhow) I am in decent shape and a former US Marine, but don’t let yourself get to flabby or out of shape the see it as a sign of being lazy and weak. Also watch the booze. They have seen enough of that as well. Good Luck!

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