How I Found Mr. Right On A Ukranian Dating Site

A beautiful romantic love story of Olga and Tom:

ukraine datingA few years ago I would have never admitted to having been on an online dating site, but today I encourage all of my friends to log onto Ukranian dating sites to find their Mr. Right. Why? Because that how I found my Mr. Right. Or, rather, how he found me. A friend encouraged me to post my picture and profile when I complained that it was hard to find an upstanding man who was interested in both me and my child, in the Ukraine where I lived.

I was reluctant, but I know now that it was the right decision. Though a few different men contacted me, I began regularly e-mailing one man, who I will call Tom. Though he was not from the Ukraine, I could not help but want to know more about him. More about where he lived, and what he did, and at the same time, I was touched that he wanted to know more about my life, and my young son. Soon writing e-mails to Tom were a daily activity, and I looked forward to his replies each night. Tom sent me a long distance calling card over the internet, and soon we were talking on the phone once a week, then every day, and finally twice a day or more! The sound of the phone ringing lit me up with excitement, and, amazingly, we never seemed to run out of things to say.

Like many women, I am a little shy about having my photo taken, and letting others see it, but I worked up the nerve to send Tom more photos of myself, and he did the same. When Tom came to visit me in the Ukraine a few months later, I was so nervous that I nearly called off the visit. What if he did not live up to my expectations – or worse, what if I did not live up to his? Surely, after so many months of writing and talking, it was impossible for reality to match my fantasies… wasn’t it?

No, it was not impossible. Tom swept me off of my feet, and has kept me happy and in love ever since!

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