My Hard Opinion About The Label “Ukrainian Mail Order Brides”

Dear friends,

In the Ukraine there are often few options for marriage, and women are pushed hard to marry as early as possible. By the time we women are between 20-25 we are considered too old for marriage, and finding a husband becomes very important. I know many Ukrainian women begin to post their ads as young as 17 or 18, hoping to find a loving husband.

The label “Ukrainian Mail Order Brides” in my opinion is negative. It is a commercial label that is used to portray us in a negative light such as a gold digger, uneducated or desperate. Many who hear the label “Ukrainian Mail Order Brides” assume we are simply searching for someone to provide us with green cards and this is simply not true. While marrying a man from abroad does help us to become citizens, this is seldom the primary reason Ukrainian women seek a foreign husband.

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Like any woman, unmarried women from the Ukraine are seeking a husband who will love and cherish them. I know that this often does include finding a husband who can provide security and a safe home but that doesn’t mean that we’re all after only the richest men possible. By using that negative label it makes it harder for those of us from the Ukraine to find a suitable husband who will be devoted to both being loving and to having a family.

In my opinion, finding love abroad is already hard as I do not have as many opportunities to meet eligible men, so posting an ad to find one is my only real option. The Ukrainian mail order brides label automatically increases how difficult it can be to find a husband who will take the ad seriously.

Many assume that because of the negative association with that label that Ukrainian women are uneducated, which is not true. I know that many women from the Ukraine are well educated and may have careers of their own prior to meeting their future husband.



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3 Responses

  1. Jonny says:

    I have visited Ukraine twice within the last year. I agree with this article, Ukrainian girls are genuinely looking for a husband.

    The only observation I can make is that Ukranian women are rather naive about the realities of life. Most are looking to enter a financially secure marriage to which they will contribute their love and tenderness. Whilst there some few exceptions such as footballers; in Western society most couples work together to create and grow build and create family wealth. Very often, that will be from scratch. In the UK parents have to chip in to help young people get on the property ladder.

    In UK there are very few if not none financially secure yound people. Everyone has a mortgage or big student loans. A young Ukranian woman looking for a young bBritish man is unlikely to find the dream “generous” financially secure man below 45.

  2. EricOrion555 says:

    I agree with Jonny. I was corresponding with a Ukrainian girl who got very upset that I did not yet own a home (I am in USA, working toward my PhD), but that I rent instead. Fact is, very many people in USA rent now, and unless you’re a rock star or pro athelete, you cannot afford to just plop down $200K to buy a home outright. I do plan to buy a home, but that is not something you can just do easily once you turn 20 or whatever.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi EricOrion555,

      I can only say that you have not gained good experience with Ukrainian women. All my friends work in Ukraine and want to work. Modern Ukrainian women want to build their life and family together with their husband and work together as well. I am 29 years old and work for 12 years non stop. I don’t respect these women who don’t work and expect that the man does everything for them. Such women want only money and cannot love anybody, only themselves. But believe me, there are other women in Ukraine who wish to give their love and want to work.

      Krystyna 🙂

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