Tips for a Traditional Ukrainian Marriage Proposal

Family values and tradition are very important to Ukrainian people, and they are the key to understanding Ukrainian culture. It is not uncommon for several generations of a family to live together, and parents and grandparents often help each other raise their children, which could date back to a time when families lived close together in small villages. Traditional Ukrainian Marriage ProposalExtended families are naturally also very important, and Ukrainian women place a very high value on marriage. They value hospitality and look for chivalrous men who will treat them with kindness and who will be a good addition to their families.

A traditional Ukraine marriage proposal is filled with symbolism and tradition. For example, a couple would exchange bread as a symbolism for their engagement. If a man proposes to a Ukrainian woman and she wishes to turn him down, she might give him a pumpkin instead. A ring may also be given to a Ukrainian woman, but don’t expect something as flashy as most American wedding rings. The future bride and groom will most likely have simpler rings that may not have diamonds in them.

Being that family is often very important in Ukrainian culture, the husband-to-be would also most likely meet the family of his future bride and possibly gain the blessing of her father.

Before a traditional Ukraine wedding, the bride would bake a wedding bread. The bread is another old tradition in Ukrainian weddings and symbolizes a happy new beginning for the new couple. Anyone attending a Ukrainian wedding can expect a large family affair full of games, dancing, and traditions that make the experience a memorable one.

It should also be mentioned that a typical engagement before a Ukraine marriage is a short one. In the US, people often date for years before entering into an engagement that lasts months. Ukrainian brides often get married after dating a man for a year or less. The actual engagement may only last a week before the wedding takes place.

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  1. dear , I need help. I am American man. all they sell is flashy rings. she no that I am coming to ask her to marry me . but it will be in romantic setting. dinner, roses and some Victoria secrets. should I bring ring or not. they are all flashy.

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