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Up until a year ago, I didn’t have any interest in Western men. I always heard and saw on tv that they were boring and lazy – unless they were Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. But I know my odds of landing Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise are about as good as the Ukraine hosting an American football game. Yes, I know about American football. Not only do I know ukrainian chat roomabout it, but I watch it. I root for the Patriots. Anyway, the reason I became more interested in American men was because I discovered a Ukrainian online chat room.

So far, I have not found my perfect match, but I will admit that American men are a lot more intelligent and funnier than I used to give them credit for. They are also very creative. I have gotten to know a few men from America and they send me the funniest things, whether they’re silly e-mails or hilarious videos. Seeing what people send you is a good way to find out more about them. And none of this would have been possible without my Ukrainian online chat room.

Not only have I had an opportunity to get to know American men, but they have had an opportunity to get to know me 🙂 They have discovered that I’m not a mail-order bride that acts like a robot and listens to every command. I’m a living and breathing human being that is passionate about traveling, cooking, and making love. However, only those who are genuine will be able to share my company. I can sense who is genuine and who is not. This is a trait Ukrainian women are known for.

The only real negatives about using a Ukrainian online chat room are the language barrier and the potential for a scam. As far as the language barrier goes, that’s obviously not an issue for me. As you can see, I have spent many years learning King’s English. For scams, I have only heard about them, but I don’t know that they actually exist. I am certainly not a scam. I am someone who wants to love and be loved. What could possibly be more important in life? 🙂



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  1. Maks says:

    What Ukrainian chat rooms are you talking about? Can you see face of each other in this chat rooms? Does it support voice?

    As for scam I know for sure they do exist! And there are tons of them in chat rooms in ( for example.

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