Ukrainian Relationship without Kids – is it possible?

Many of the American men who are interested in pursuing a relationship with a Ukrainian woman are over 40 years old, and may be divorced. Many of these American men may even already have children from previous ukraine dating guiderelationships. The wisdom that they have learned from past relationships is part of why they are now looking for a relationship with a pretty and young Ukrainian woman, so that they may have a fresh start to their romantic life. American men often are looking for the special woman to make their wife, so that they may find someone to enjoy life together with, without children.

Men who already have children, or are not interested in having them, may be concerned about whether this would be acceptable to a Ukrainian woman, or if it would be a deal breaker. The truth is, though, that while many young Ukrainian women dream about finding an American husband, some of us are not really interested in having children. Like American men, every Ukrainian woman is different. There are many Ukrainian women who have dreamt of becoming mothers since they were little girls.

There are Ukrainian women, however, like myself, who are not interested in having children. I do not want to have children, not because I do not like them, but because I am excited about the possibility of marrying a sophisticated American man. I know that traveling, lavishing attention upon him, and other things that we will enjoy as a married couple without children, will simply not be feasible if we have children.

For other women, the decision to not have children may be the result of having already helped to raise her younger siblings, or time spent teaching children in school here in the Ukraine. Every Ukrainian woman is unique, so it is important to discuss this major life decision with your future wife.



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  1. Andy says:

    One of the biggest worries for a lot of men is knowing that they are unable to have children due to infertility, a lot of men are embarrassed to admit they are infertile, I kn 30 years ago that I’d never be able to father a child, over here for some it was the deal breaker, one of the reasons I’m still single at 49, I f a lot of people are frightened to be honest, I know it killed off my past relationships, but I also think that it’s better to be honest before things go too far and you both get hurt badly, I have been criticised for this by many, but having been hurt due to dishonesty, I always felt it better to tell the truth.

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