Is it Unfair to Talk to More than one Ukrainian Woman?

It might seem a little unfair to a woman if she knows that you are writing to more women than her, especially if she’s only interested in you. In my opinion, it’s not the very worst thing you could do; telling her she’s the only one for you and then dumping her for someone else is a little worse. When it comes to online dating, you Ukrainian love letterreally do have to keep your options open because you can’t tell if you’re really compatible until you actually meet.

I know that when I go out and meet someone new, I can tell right away whether or not there’s a connection and an attraction. It’s much harder to tell when communicating through a dating service, especially when you’re talking to someone from another country. After all, you can’t actually touch the person; also, unless you ask her to do a few spins for you on camera, you won’t really know what she looks like from all angles.

What happens if you finally meet her and find that she has six toes on one foot and a mole on her head that you can feel when you run your fingers through her hair? That might sound a bit superficial, but it’s a reality. You have to be just as physically attracted to her form as you are mentally intrigued by her mind. Regardless if you speak to one woman a million times on a webcam, you won’t truly know how compatible you are until you stand face to face.

I understand why Ukrainian dating agencies tell Western men to write to more than one woman. You just have to keep your options open and be happy with the woman you eventually meet. If nothing else, you can at least chat with a few different women to see whose personality best suits your own. After all, if you really love Ukrainian women, you’re going to want to meet as many as you can to make sure you find the one you’re meant to be with. Just don’t lie to them – tell them your intentions and see how the relationship evolves.



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  1. Jan says:

    No it’s not unfair. I mean they can talk to several men too.

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