Beautiful Ukrainian Women and Valentine’s Day

For a beautiful Ukrainian woman (like me:)), Valentine’s Day can be the best day of the year. I know that Western men sometimes feel that women take their romantic gestures for granted, but you can be sure that a Ukrainian beauty will always appreciate a Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it is flowers or candy or perfume or perhaps something a little more personal, Ukrainian women always appreciate being appreciated and are thrilled to repay the warmth of their lovers’ kindnesses with some special warmth of their own. True, ukraine datingFebruary in the Ukraine can be bitterly cold but that doesn’t mean that the fires that burn within are any less hot.

Last Valentine’s Day my Western boyfriend sent me a bouquet of red roses and what I thought was a box of chocolates. To my surprise, when I opened the box I found another treat altogether. My silly romantic man had replaced the candy with a bright red negligee which I couldn’t wait to try on. When I took the negligee out of the box and held it up, however, I was not certain that I would be able to squeeze all of my curves into this skimpy little thing. Well, I soon realized that all it took was a little wiggling on my part. My boyfriend had guessed my size perfectly. My lacy gift fit me like a second, see through skin!

Now I want to wear my sexy new pajamas all of the time to remind me of my Western man and his naughty inclinations. I wear it in bed at night. I wear it around the apartment. I even slip it on underneath my winter clothes when I go shopping on a cold day.

I can’t wait to see what he is sending me this Valentine’s Day and I know that the pictures I send back to him of me modeling this year’s box of sweet “chocolates” will keep him nice and warm!



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