Why Can Some Men Not Find A Ukrainian Woman For Life?

From a Ukrainian woman’s point of view, I know that that they have great difficulty forming a long term relationship with Western men. I realize this to be true because so many Western men are searching, mostly online, to find just the right Ukrainian woman, and for different reasons have no success.

Ukrainian girl datingWestern men often have very high expectations. When they look at pictures of these women, it occurs to me that they’re not that happy with what they see. They seem to only be looking for the prettiest women on the pages. But they’re not considering the overall women themselves.

In my opinion, it would be much better for these men to simply meet a woman of average looks, but who also has many traits and interests that are similar to these men. If they really want a long term relationship, the attraction has to be much more than visual and physical.

I definitely feel they’d have much more success if they sought out Ukrainian women who also shared their values, beliefs, ambitions in life, and similar needs for having and raising a family. It would certainly help these men if they would start to communicate better with these women. Getting their addresses and phone numbers and emails and then contacting them on a regular basis before they met them would allow these men to feel them out better.

Email communication is free and short phone calls are not prohibitively expensive either. This is taking into consideration that these woman can speak adequate English or whatever language the man speaks. I know for certain this would work much better for Western men than simply gazing at picture after picture looking for some exquisite supermodel or Hollywood type starlet.

These men have to realize that looks aren’t everything. I also believe that men have to only approach these women who are close to them in age. A sixty year old man should not be seeking out a 22 year old Ukrainian women. This would also make the women more comfortable and compatible with the man.



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  1. don says:

    How can a Western Man like myself at age 54 meet online with Ukrainian women and not pay high fees for getting emails or a short phone call? Charming Date.com and Anastasia.com costs are too high. Is there another out there like Yahoo Personals that are free?

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