3 Must-Have Photos for Your Ukraine Online Dating Profile

ukraine online datingIf you’re interested in Ukraine dating online, your best bet for getting responses to your profile is to include a picture of yourself. Of course, a picture can either pique interest or turn a potential interest away. So when you upload your pictures, consider what you’re putting out there and why.

Must-Have Photo 1: Smiling 🙂

Most guys try to look really tough in pictures. And there’s really nothing wrong with putting on a manly heir. But really, most women want to see that you’ve got a soft side. They expect you to be tough and calloused a down-for anything type of guy. But surprisingly, letting a hint of a smile out shows that there’s something a little different about you. Try not to cheese it up to much. A simple half smile will do nicely enough to let her know you’re not a jerk or a cheeseball.

Must-Have Photo 2: With Friends

Next, make sure that you include a picture of you and your friends out on the town. Trust me, too many pictures of you on your living room futon isn’t very interesting. Get out there and have someone snap a few good ones of you laughing and basically having a good time. This shows that you’re not socially awkward and ukrainian datingthat you know how to have fun when it’s time to have fun. In the Ukraine dating world, fun is a must.

Must-Have Photo 3: Doing something cool

Now, to counter your handsome half-smile and your crazy social picture, it’s a good idea to include a “cool” picture. Think about what it is that you do best? What is your favorite hobby? What makes you “cool?” Have someone take a picture of you engaged in what makes you awesome, whether it’s boxing, marathon running, deep sea diving, or cooking. Have your photographer catch you doing something that not many others can. This ups your cool rating considerably and shows that you’re not only talented, but that you can be passionate and dedicated to the things you love.



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