The 8th March in Ukraine – Give Women Pleasure & Love

In the west, women are generally shown appreciation from their boyfriend or husband on Valentine’s Day, or by their children and husband during Mother’s Day. These are great holidays, but in the Ukraine, we have a holiday that’s like both of those holidays all rolled into one. It’s on the 8th of March. International Women’s ukraine datingDay.

It’s basically a celebration about how great and wonderful women are, how the world wouldn’t be the same without them. While I appreciate Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, I like International Women’s Day better because I don’t have to be someone’s ‘valentine’ or a mother for the day to be about me too.

On International Women’s Day, men are expected to give all the women in their lives a gift to acknowledge their love or appreciation. Usually the gifts are something small, like some candies or even a flower. A guy trying to win the affections of a girl might spring for something bigger or better, but mostly it’s all small stuff. That’s what keeps this day affordable for everyone.

The day is celebrated in a lot of different places despite being a Socialist holiday at first. In Italy, it is customary to give yellow mimosas and chocolate to women. In the Ukraine, mimosas and chocolate are a popular gift as well. Who wouldn’t like a gift like that? In Portugal, March 8th is the date for ‘girls’ night out’. In India, they celebrate March 8th all kinds of different ways. But in all regions, the simple gift of flowers remains popular. I bet men would like Valentine’s Day better if all they had to give was a tulip or daisy instead of diamonds!

Men must feel left out on International Women’s Day, though they are too manly to admit it. There is an International Men’s Day now too, but it hasn’t quite caught on. I wonder why 🙂



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  1. Jenny Walker says:

    Every woman deserved to love and be love in return.

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