Elena and Daniel’s Love Story

ukrainian datingHaving always found American women to be a bit too arrogant and opinionated for my taste, I began to think I might never be able to experience true love. Luckily, a friend told me about the website UkraineDate.com, and within minutes I was viewing the profiles of some foreign beauties who made my blood pressure rise.

I soon made my own profile and continued to browse the available women. Although I was sitting poolside in shorts and sandals thousands of miles away, I felt like I was literally right there along side them in the expansive landscapes of Eastern Europe. I began to correspond with a handful of very nice Ukrainian women, and they would often tell me uplifting stories of their wonderful culture and interesting daily lives.

I longed to experience the love I feel like I’ve always deserved, and within a week of joining the website, I met the lovely Elena. As I said before, I had basically given up on love, but when I saw her picture on my laptop screen, I knew she was truly something special.

She had stunning blond hair, heavy black eyeliner, and a look in her eye that suggested she could be a lot of fun. I started to correspond with Elena exclusively, and after about a week I decided to send her a little silver ring I had recently purchased at a local craft fair. She said she loved it, and sent me a picture of her in front of a fountain wearing it.

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Over the next few months, we continued to build our relationship, until I finally asked her to visit California for a few weeks in July. She arrived in Los Angeles on the morning of July 4th, and the fireworks haven’t stopped since. We are currently planning a large wedding.

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    I am really amazed after reading this blog post.This is such a touching story. I am glad you put this post up. I wish Elena and Daniel a very happy life ahead.

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