Do International Relationships Work Better?

Have you been trying to find a Western woman to date and marry with little success? Do you think that Western women are too obsessed with their own careers, to the point that they do not even seem interested in getting married and having a family?

It can be hard to form that special bond of love with a woman who only cares about her work, who only cares about what she can accomplish and not who she can love. This is ukrainian datinga tough thing that I have heard many Western men complain about. Fortunately, there is a solution ūüôā What you need to do is to look for Ukrainian women for marriage instead.

As a Ukrainian woman myself, I know how different the values are here than in the West. This is not to say that Ukrainian women do not care about their careers or about success. They certainly do care about these things and put a lot of energy into them. However, they generally manage to find a much better sense of balance. Ukraine is a place where the old-world values of family and love still exist and are still vibrant within the society. Ukrainian women know that a family can be more important than any career, that a husband and children can bring more joy than any amount of money.

All told, I would have to say that I think international relationships do work better in some cases. I think that Western men can look for Ukrainian women for marriage and find more happiness than they ever could close to home.

There are some things that will be difficult, that will require work. There are cultural differences that will have to be addressed, for example, as well as the sheer distance. In the end, however, the loving relationship that is formed will make all of these things well worth it.



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