My Russian Ukrainian Wife is so Expensive

Ukrainian mail order brideRussian and Ukrainian mail order brides are highly coveted by men of all ages around the world. For some reason, Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides are viewed as the ultimate type of woman to meet, fall in love with, and marry. But there are two main, important factors men need to take into consideration when thinking about getting to know one of these foreign women.

High Costs

The expenses associated with connecting with and marrying one of these women can be enormous. Fees can easily surpass $20,000 U.S. dollars because of agency charges, visa fees, transportation costs, housing, buying them engagement gifts, and so on. Many men simply don’t have this amount of money or aren’t willing to spend it.

And there’s no blaming them since many other women from different backgrounds are available who don’t have such cultural, ethnic and language differences to contend with. So while they’re tempting to look at and they seem irresistible, when it comes to actually fronting the money, men might want to choose alternative forms of marriage matchmaking. Many men don’t initially see these costs ahead of time when they’re scanning personal ads on European websites but they really should.

The Women are Human Beings (yes, they are :))

ukrainian woman for marriageIn addition, these women shouldn’t just be looked at as physical and sexual eye candy no matter how beautiful and voluptuous their pictures on websites might appear. They’re all three dimensional, well rounded human beings with a wide variety of deep emotions, feelings, habits, and idiosyncrasies that make them just like a woman from any other culture or nationality.

There are going to be challenges in forming and sustaining a happy relationship with any of them, the same as with any other type of women. This needs to be remembered as much as the high costs at all times so men don’t go into the process blindly and naive with false expectations.



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4 Responses

  1. James says:

    Yes, I meet an Ukrainian women, she is wonderful, I love her and we are working on getting her to the US. I have known her for 4 months now, and we have meet once in Kiev for one week. She is everything I hope for in a woman and more. She is delightful and caring, most of all, loving. She had as many fears as I had going into this. We have started the K1 process and now we wait….by the way, it is costly for her to be with me, it comes with the territory, and in late April we meet again…I encourage other men to keep looking, she is out there…for all men, use skype, it stops the scammers…


  2. Kevin says:

    I just got back from Ukraine on a 10 day visit and met a great lady who I had been writing letters to for 3 months. We only got to spend a day together but we both had a great time and she is just what I had hoped for. I am done with American women. She was so very kind and straight forward. We are making plans to see each other for a week in a nother 2 months. Thanks for your website

  3. Jonny Stud says:

    I live in the UK. I have been looking for a Ukrainian bride for tow years now. From the UK it is easy and cheap to fly into Ukraine so I have been making regular trips to meet and screen potential brides. I have gone beyond screening to develop relationships via trips and holidays with my bride to be.

    My personal experience has been in general Ukrainian that the girls have no understanding at all of the value of money. They tend to live beyond their means at someone else’s expense. They can be very demanding often asking for expensive gifts. That has led me to doubt if I can find a woman of wife quality in Ukraine. That said, I have not yet given up yet. Hopefully I will find the right woman soon.

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