A Short Guide to Nikolaev, Ukraine

ukrainian woman nikolaevNikolaev has much more to offer tourists than beautiful Ukrainian women. The city was founded in 1788, near the beginning of the Russian-Turkish war. It began as a naval base for the Russians. This city is a now transportation hub, featuring a sea port, airport, and railway stations.

In fact, it is one of the most important sea ports in the country, as well as one of the leading producers of ships. Despite the bustling commercial side of Nikolaev, as of 2008, the population was only 506,000. A small population allows for the city’s rich history and culture to be preserved.

Nestled in southern Ukraine, Nikolaev appears modern with its broad streets and grid pattern to its layout. Its history can be seen simply by taking a stroll around town. The architecture just among the churches in the city is breathtaking. While sightseeing, be sure to include these four architectural gems on your tour: the Cathedral of the Image of the Casper Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Nickolas Church, Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Another attraction to check out is the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet. Located on Admiral’skaya Street, this museum was opened in 1978 and features an immense marine-themed collection. Visitors can see ship models, old maps, flags, and various other items. To truly experience the beauty of Nikolaev, you must spend time outdoors. The quay of the Ingul River allows you to relax and take in the city.

You can have a picnic or go for a walk along the river’s edge. No matter what you choose to visit while in Nikolaev, you will find the residents friendly and welcoming. You may come for the beautiful Ukrainian women, but you will stay for the rich cultural experience.

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