Ukraine Dating Tips: My Ukrainian Girl Shows No Interest Anymore

If you are a western man who has been with a Ukrainian girl for dating, it can be very confusing. As a Ukrainian woman myself, I know how we think and what we are really after, but many western men do not have any idea.

Ukraine mail order bridesThey think that things are going well for a while, and then communication falls apart. The girl stops responding to the mail — either in the postal service or through email. She just does not seem to have any interest anymore about dating you. Have you been there? Does this sound familiar? Look, I know that this is tough, but do not give up! There are things you can do.

First, you need to just ask her directly if she is interested anymore. I know this can sound dangerous and frightening, something like climbing into a lion’s den to see if the lion is awake. You might be afraid to ask her for fear that she will end things. You have to ask, though, or you will face months of uncertainty and stress. It is much better to ask and then move on with your life. This also might save the relationship. 🙂

You need to discuss the problem!!!! Ask her if you did something wrong or if there is something not right between you. The most common thing that you will find is that the girl has just decided that a western man is not right for her. I do not feel this way myself, but I know plenty of girls who do. The cultural differences can be extreme and this type of dating is not right for everyone. If this happens, do not give up hope. There are a lot of great girls out there, and you just need to find an new Ukrainian girl for dating.



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