Love Guide to a Romantic Trip to Ukraine (part 2)

romantic trip ukraineDid you read the first part of Love Guide to a Romantic Trip to Ukraine already? You didn’t? Just do it before you are going to read the second part of my guide! 🙂

How much to spend on your romantic trip to Ukraine

After you’ve gone through all the Ukraine tours and found the right one, the next step is to budget out how much to spend on your trip to find your future wife. The Ukraine Hrivna’s exchange rate with the US dollar favors the dollar considerably so you shouldn’t have a problem with food and accommodations. Travel, however, is expensive in Ukraine so take this into account when budgeting your travel plans inside the country so make sure to know what places you’ll visit.

Places to visit in Ukraine

Speaking of places to visit, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ukraine is Crimea. This amazing region is known for its health resorts and wine. It’s definitely a romantic place to get to with your future wife. 🙂

Another gem of a destination are the Carpathian mountains. The Carpathian mountains are considered the Green Pearl of Ukraine with main activities including hiking and camping.

the Carpathian mountains

Next is the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Kiev is a very scenic city with some very interesting art and architecture. You’re sure to romance her in Kiev. Other places which are recommended to visit are Lviv, Odesa, Yalta, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Chernihiv, and Poltava. Of course it’s your choice on where to visit and not to mention where your ideal woman is located.

kiev ukraine

As they say, when in Rome do as the Roman do. Well, you’re going to be in Ukraine and this quotable quote is even more relevant for people traveling for love. You don’t have to just fit in with the people, you have to find a wife. To make sure you don’t end up insulting your future wife, make sure you know the culture and the history of Ukraine. You just might end up impressing her and bringing home a gorgeous Ukrainian wife.

To be continued…

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