Motherhood in Life of Ukrainian Women

ukraine women bridesThe happiest day in my life was the day when I became a mother. Like many Ukrainian Russian women, I eagerly anticipated the birth of my son, and have been happily raising him every since. Motherhood is a huge focus for women here in the Ukraine. While women in Western countries might see raising children as something that is a chore, or a task to be handled between parties, I know that there is no greater joy than spending time with my child.

The most important job that any woman can have here in the Ukraine, or, really, anywhere in the world, is to help to raise the next generation. That is why Ukrainian women, like myself, have not thrown out traditional family values in favor of letting someone else raise our children while we go out to work for someone else. It just does not make any sense to us!

Being a mother means much more than just spending time with my child. It also means making sure that my son grows up to know his history as a Ukrainian and to have the same traditional family values that were instilled in me. He will grow up to be a gentleman who both appreciates hard work like his country men and treats women well.

Although he is not very old yet, he already knows that when we have company over, it is a time to treat our guests very well! I always cook our favorite family dishes and serve them to our guests. I love to watch with pride as my son helps our female guests to their seats and listens intently to them as they speak. I know then that my hard work to teach him to value the lessons of his elders have truly taken hold for him.

Nadezhda R.

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  1. John says:

    Nice topic – respect ! 🙂

  2. Blank says:

    Actually, I really appreciate that women can spend more time on taking care of their children. It’s not only good for women who can work less, but also good for the grown of children.

  3. Todd says:

    Great topic! I admire you!!

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