Sexed Up or Sexless…Depends On If Your Culturally In Tune

ukraine datingDoes someone’s cultural background play a big role in the sexual relationship between western men and Ukrainian women? I think so and let me explain to you why! You see, I have had sexual encounters with Western men and Ukrainian men alike. In my opinion, western men believe that sex is a game of who’s got the bigger “paycheck” and sometimes that does mean money. However, our world is different, so our needs to become sexually aroused are different.

Us Ukrainian women have big brains to go along with our other voluptuous parts, so we know when men are full of it, and when they just want to have sex, which is often and usually with more than one woman. The only good thing about that last part is that we don’t mind other women, even at the same time. Polygamy is common and we learn to get used to and love it early on in dating. I know this may be a shocker for some of you men in the western world with our culture being so different.

It’s pretty interesting being alive in these times, because I have a better chance at a relationship going on online than the usual bar date. Men approach me from all sorts of angles when they find out I am a Ukrainian woman interested in western men they treat me as if I am mentally disabled rather than foreign. Finding the right man is hard because it seems like they have never taken the time to get to know what I am about. Like first off, don’t suggest I cut my hair OR think it’s sexy to pull my hair! This is not cool, my hair is sacred and not a sex toy for you to twirl.

ukraine dating

If you want to be with a Ukrainian woman you have to at least learn the basics to understand how she thinks.

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