The First Meeting’s No Gos with Ukrainian Women (part 1)

dating ukraine womenDear Men, dating Ukraine women is not as simple as you might think :). It’s much more than a simple, one-two swipe of the hair in front of your bathroom mirror and appearing before us in all your jeans-clad glory. Just as you may hold us to certain standards, we do you as well. So if you’re looking to date any one of our beautiful Ukraine women, make sure you don’t commit any one of these no go sins at your first meeting.

Boring Conversation

Politics, the economy and your job situation back home are about as interesting as the dripping of a leaky tap. Which is to say, they’re not only boring, but they also grate on our ears when we listen too closely. Religion falls under the same heading: we may have it, but we don’t necessarily care to talk about it on the first meeting. As an alternative, try asking us questions and drawing us into the conversation. One thing that’s almost universal among men and women is that none of us likes to do all the listening.

Shoddy Clothes

You wouldn’t wear your around-the-house jeans and that moth-holed sweater from the far end of your closet on a first date in the US, so why would Ukraine be any different? Men who want to date beautiful Ukraine women should know that we women expect the reverse, too. Think of it like a job interview: overdress for the initial and subsequent meetings, at least until you get a sense for what’s acceptable.

No Flowers

Dating Ukraine women involves certain courtship rites, and one of those simple expectations is flowers on the first meeting. Don’t be ungentlemanly and arrive with your hands dangling by your sides. In general, assume that a woman prefers especially gentlemanly behavior. Even if she doesn’t like you pulling out her chair, it won’t ruin your chances of a second meeting to do it once.

To be continued…

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3 Responses

  1. Ody Shashoua says:

    Interesting great 🙂

  2. adrian says:

    Hi Krystyna.
    Im from Mexico. Im that type of guy that like to do the things well and to be myself when I meet someone. I agree with you in all parts except one… NO FLOWERS??!!! I think that the women are like flowers that they (you) are the best creation of earth they have in all countries different skin colors, sizes, eyes that makes them unique, and that for me, is to tell a women that she matches with the flower that I gave to her… I think the women represents (without saying anything about religious) the best creation of God as well as flowers.

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