The First Meeting’s No Gos with Ukrainian Women (Part 2)

ukraine dating tippsDid you read the first part of the post “The First Meeting’s No Gos with Ukrainian Women” already? You didn’t? Let’s do it now! Here is the link:

Stinginess is (Not) Horny

Don’t live by this motto on the first meeting–or ever. If you’ve exerted yourself enough to fly to the Ukraine, that doesn’t mean we’re happy with–or that we desire–a cheeseburger and fries. Not every woman wants to be wined and dined, but the first meeting is your chance to impress, so it should probably occasion fancier dining or activities than subsequent dates. Again, what’s appropriate for a first meeting in the US holds true for Ukraine women as well.

“Ukraine is a cheap country with beautiful mail order brides”

That may be true in the vast realm of stereotypes, but when you’re standing in front of an actual Ukraine woman, put it as far from your mind as politics, the economy and your job situation back home in the US. It’s easier to categorize a place and a people before you’ve encountered that place or those people, but that simple shelving method should never apply to a woman you’re looking eye-to-eye with.

Calling Us Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Consider this the cardinal sin of first meeting no gos. It’s about as true as us calling you a couch-bound, beer-slurping slob. In fact, it’s worse, because being a couch-bound slob may apply some of the time, but referring to a woman as a “mail order bride” says volumes about her system of ethics and her morals. Instead, call a Ukrainian woman by her name. As a rule, treat a Ukrainian woman as you would treat any woman for whom you had respect, regardless of her nationality.

Lastly, consider this: if a Ukrainian woman wants you meet you, it’s likely because you’ve displayed some attractive traits. Maybe your humor or your good nature came across. Focus on maintaining and enhancing those qualities in her presence and you’re well on your way to a good first meeting.

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