Why Ukraine Women Don’t Talk About Sex (Part 1)

dating women of ukraineIn my experience, a major source of misunderstandings between Ukrainian women and western men is their different attitudes toward sex (I wrote already about this topic in my article “Sexed Up or Sexless…Depends On If Your Culturally In Tune“). Ukrainian culture is still fairly conservative in its attitudes toward physical intimacy, and the subject simply does not come up as early for the women of Ukraine as it does for the men of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and other more sexually liberated countries.

This means that men dating Ukraine women sometimes accidentally offend their girlfriends by speaking very openly about sex early in a relationship. Although this seems natural to western men, it can be offensive to Ukrainian women, making us feel as though the men are suggesting we sleep around or have lots of casual sex. This suggestion is not acceptable for the women of Ukraine, since women who do have sex very casually are not respected in our culture.

To avoid offending their girlfriends, men dating Ukraine women should avoid speaking too explicitly about sex early in a relationship. It is especially offensive to ask a women how many men she has slept with or expect her to share stories about previous boyfriends, because this can seem like an accusation.

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Ukraine Women & Sexual Life

Western men may be used to asking their girlfriends about their sexual preferences early in their relationship. For a western man, this may seem like a good way to communicate and make sure both partners understand each other’s desires.

However, it can be very uncomfortable for a Ukrainian woman to talk about such topics with a man she does not know very well. Therefore, it is better to wait a while before bringing up such topics. Once a relationship is serious, these matters can be discussed without causing a woman to feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

To be continued…

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