Why Ukraine Women Don’t Talk About Sex (Part 2)

ukrainian ladies datingBefore you, guys, start to read the second part of my article “Why Ukraine Women Don’t Talk About Sex”, I recommend you to read the first part about why Ukraine ladies don’t talk about their sexual experience and preferences. Already read? OK, here is the second part! 🙂

Although it can be frustrating for western men to wait so long to talk about something that seems very basic to them, it goes a long way toward making Russian Ukrainian women feel comfortable and safe enough in a relationship to trust the men they are dating. When sex does come up, it is a great sign for the relationship, meaning that the man and woman are serious about each other and intimate enough to talk about such a personal matter. 🙂

The problem, of course, is not that Ukrainian woman do not like sex or refuse ever to talk about it. It is simply a more private topic in Ukrainian culture. When a relationship does progress to a point that it is appropriate to talk about sex, Ukrainian women are happy and excited to do so. Waiting a while to bring up the subject will make sure that both people feel safe and comfortable with discussing a sensitive topic.

In our relationships with western men, my girlfriends and I have sometimes been angered or offended when men asked us very direct questions about our past sex lives or sexual preferences. I know now that they were trying to be friendly and considerate and that to them, asking these questions was just a way of getting to know me better. But for me, and for other women of Ukraine, these questions seem more aggressive than friendly.

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So if you are trying to impress a Ukrainian woman, my advice is to avoid the subject of sex for some time. Talk to her about her job, her family, her musical tastes, her favorite books, her hobbies, her vacation plans, and other less personal topics. This will reassure her that you are interested her and respect her as a person. Once you have gotten to know each other and built trust, you can talk about sex effectively without causing offense.

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  1. ivy says:

    Dear Krystyna,
    Thank you for sharing with us the idea about Ukraine women, i truly appreciate it!…

  2. Matt says:

    I have been seeing a sweet lady from ukraine, i have visited her for 2 weeks. She will be coming to the usa soon, what should i expect. Sex has not been talked about (I’m in no hurry). Also her son who is 7 sleeps with her, I told her that is extremely bad for her son ? Was i right.
    Tahnk You

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