Ukraine Fiancee Visa Requirements & Process (Part 1)

I Now Pronounce You Man & Wife…. Almost

Dear friends,

It’s no secret, Ukrainian women seeking to marry foreigners (and the opposite) is big business. Search for the term “Ukraine”, and chances are good that Google will show “Ukraine mail order brides” in the top ten results. There are literally k1 visamillions of websites, agencies, and yes, scams, all promising you your heart’s desire for 3 easy payments of $57.95. Why, they’ll even gift-wrap your choice of their catalog of Ukraine mail order brides and ship her direct!

Obviously, some sites are legitimate, and some aren’t, but you can often single out the more reputable ones by the fact that they never call the women using their services “mail order brides”. Even so, and regardless of whether or not it’s a derisive term, that’s what most men seeking love abroad call their potential mates – at least the first time around. Men seeking the love of a Ukrainian woman soon learn to ditch that particular phrase altogether, although some of the slower ones still refer to their ladies as such in their heads.

Here’s a tip if you want to keep your girl around: NEVER let her catch you referring to her (or any of her friends, relatives, acquaintances, or countrywomen) as a Ukraine mail order bride!!!!! She’ll drop you like a hot bowl of borscht. But, if you’re reading this, you’re past the initial stuff. What you’re after is something more substantial, more practical… and I’m just the girl to give it to you. After all, who better to teach you how to win the heart of your Ukrainian love than a Ukrainian girl? 🙂

Right then… so, you’ve searched high and low, spending countless nights scouring Google for every last tidbit of information pertaining to the fine art of wedding that most alluring of creatures, the Ukrainian female, and, having found the love of your life, it’s now time to embark upon what is perhaps the most dreaded part of courtship: The fiancée visa process.

To be continued…



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